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The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time

Some fruity cool Mocktails for your parties

Do you like cool Mocktails? The days when non-alcoholic cocktails were a boring marginal phenomenon are finally over. Non-alcoholic drinks are now called “mocktails” and are anything but joyless drinks. Cocktails without alcohol, so-called mocktails, now have a new image. New, sparkling drinks are always served, even in the hip bars of the city.

Incidentally, the word creation is composed of the already familiar word “cocktail” and the English verb “to mock”. However, mocktails do not copy the original taste of well-known alcoholic drinks but are completely reinterpreted and mixed together.

Meanwhile, Mocktails have evolved. These days, they are no longer copies of alcoholic drinks but rather culinary surprises that leave much room for creativity. You can also make trendy cool mocktails at home for yourself.

Mocktails, however, are not only a  tasty alternative to high spirits. You can do a lot more with juices, fruits, and vegetables.  Naturally, they also provide many vitamins and minerals. So the day after, there are no dark circles under the eyes and no heavy head, but you are full of energy and radiant.

Mix a delicious cool Mocktail if you want to keep a clear head on a party night. Nobody needs to miss out on enjoying an extraordinary drink.

In addition to juices and syrup, spices and vegetables such as ginger or basil end up in the Mocktail glass more often and give you, as a bartender, plenty of creative mixing fun.

Also, when the party season begins after Christmas with loved ones, still comes New Year’s Eve night. We have delicious festive Mocktails that will make your night memorable

Are you curious? Then get to the shaker and mix cool Mocktails

The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time


The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time

A delicious mix of berries, rosemary, and mint makes this mocktail the talk of the party. All you need is some kombucha or kefir and a few ingredients, and you’re set to impress all of your guests this holiday season!


“Vegan” and “Eggnog” do not sound like two things that should go into a sentence together; however, we had community requests for a Vegan Eggnog, so we took the same great flavors, ditched the dairy, ditched the eggs, soaked some cashews and created a version that tastes so good!!


The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time


We all need a little extra gut-loving at Christmas time, which is why we choose to include drinks like this water kefir number that we know are going to help nourish our gut! Get all the cool Mocktail recipes by clicking here.

Crisp and Refreshing Ginger Beer Mocktail [Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw]

The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time

This is one of our favorite mocktails because it’s so crisp and refreshing; this recipe is quick, easy, and perfect for a party.


The Coolest Mocktails For A Cheerful Holiday Time

A delicious non-alcoholic fruit punch.

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