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Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events

Soon is time again to celebrate peaceful Holiday events.

You will meet relatives and want to spend peaceful holiday events together. Christmas and New Year are around the corner. But when a family member decides to go vegan, not eating meat and other animal products, it can get uncomfortable.
Many people still think that all vegans are hippies. Now, if people with entirely different views meet, a discussion is virtually inevitable. For example, it could be that the great-uncle proudly presented the pictures from his last hunting trip.
However, the diet does not have to be a problem because it is in the interest of all participants to celebrate a peaceful Christmas without arguing. We would like to give you a few helpful tips to avoid unnecessary altercations.

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events


Be honest

It is okay to keep your new eating habits to yourself because you want to spare yourself the bad jokes. However, you make it a lot easier if you just say that you live vegan. That’s the only way your family and friends can adapt to it. It is only possible if they know that you’re not eating meat anymore.

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events


Stand by your opinion.

If your grandmother looks at you sadly and can not understand why you do not want to eat the meal which she has cooked with love? Then you can make clear that you consume no more animal products, but you can still imagine that the meal tastes delicious. Your decision certainly has nothing to do with her cooking skills. In this way, you do not hurt anyone, but you still stand by your morality. Over time, the family will accept that you do not eat animal products.

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events

Bring your food with you.

Usually, the parents or another family member invites you to Christmas. Instead of waiting for the host to cook vegan for you, it’s best to bring something with you. So you prove that vegans not only eat salad but maybe even one or the other will try some of your food. Useful to prepare a bit more food. But do not try to impose anything on anyone; if someone does not like your diet, that’s not a problem either.

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events

Be humorful

If somebody laughs at you, telling you that you are eating like a rabbit or something like that? No problem, do not react. Just relax, make it fun, and laugh. Sometimes it may not be easy, but if you do not get annoyed, it’s half as crazy.
Or do you want to fit the stereotype of the bad-tempered, aggressive vegan?

Avoid discussions

It may well be that somebody at the table mentions doubts about the vegan diet. But it is better not to get involved in any debate. Because that only leads to quarrels and will undoubtedly change nothing. Instead, answer that you feel well and your blood levels are okay. If somebody is asking why animal products are harmful at all, you can tell them that you would like to share your knowledge about livestock farming, but you consider the Christmas dinner an inappropriate setting for it. Of course, the same applies to every other meal.


Do you find it hard to keep calm?

It is entirely reasonable to get a little angry if the family does not take you seriously. Don’t get upset it will certainly not help you. Better to prepare yourself and keep in a good mood.
Look at the whole thing from a different perspective, and this will help. Most people already have a vegan mentality. For example, if you would tell them about somebody killing an animal for fun, all would probably protest. Everybody is against killing for fun.
Most people believe that meat is needed to stay healthy and do not know that all the essential nutrients from plants keep us vital and in good health. So do not see them as bad people but as people who merely believe what seems logical to them. Instead of getting angry, be glad that you know better and smile at their ignorance.

Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events


The conclusion is to celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events as Vegans.

Notice all of these tips are to deal with the situation, do not try to convince others of your different perception. You can express your opinion, but do your best not to spoil the fun at Christmas or other family events. Of course, you can educate your friends and family about the benefits of a vegan diet, especially if they have health problems. You could, for example, recommend movies like  Food Matters,  Hungry for Change, and Seed and give some tips. However, stop as soon as you realize that your advice is not wanted. We can change others; we can only lead by example.  Nature itself will provoke changes. Show, by example, how content, healthy, and happy you are with your vegan lifestyle.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’- Mahatma Gandhi

Enjoy and celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events!


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