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Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Vaccination Right For Vegans?

Coronavirus Vaccination for Vegans?

A virus, like the Coronavirus COVID-19, would be undoubtedly a challenge for our health, which, if infected, our body has to overcome. Can we protect ourselves? Protecting your immune system against Infection includes suitable food, stress reduction & exercise.

There is no proof that plant-based diets help against a virus. A balanced, plant-based lifestyle will help for prevention, not cure.
But having a strong immune system could be decisive in a disease.

The stronger your immune system is, the faster an Infection ceases.

Fortunately, we have access to healthy food that can enhance the immune system. Unfortunately, too many people eat only processed or fast-food. It not only leads to obesity, but it also cannot supply our body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. The more unhealthy food we eat, the more susceptible we are to viruses and bacteria.

Unhealthy food also affects our gut health and the microbiomes, which prevent dangerous pathogens from spreading in the intestine. Stress or antibiotics also disturb the balance of the intestinal flora and weaken our immune system. We must provide our body with dietary fibers that stimulate our digestion and ensure healthy intestinal flora.

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To supply our bodies with vitamins and minerals every day, we should eat nutritious food. The best is organic and plant-based.
Vitamin C, for example, regulates the oxygen supply to the cells and stimulates the synthesis of other vital substances, including the production of antibodies, which can localize and successfully combat harmful pathogens.

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The immune system is affected by stress, such as fear and panic, so remaining calm is essential. Reduce stress through adequate sleep, positive thinking, and meditation.

Many people also discussing whether vaccinations are right to protect against Infection, and are they vegan?

The problem with the vaccination for Vegans

Vaccines should protect against dangerous pathogens and even should help to eradicate these pathogens. Small amounts of inactive pathogens are injected into the body as a vaccine.

However, viruses for the production of vaccines, mostly animal cell cultures, are used in the production. No vaccine is available that is meeting the criteria for vegetarian or vegan.

Vaccines aren’t vegan and contain pig virus DNA, monkey kidney cells and more

Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Vaccination Right For Vegans?

A list of vaccine excipients released by the CDC provides insight into some of the most toxic ingredients that big pharmaceutical companies use in manufacturing vaccines. With the FDA and CDC insisting on the safety of these vaccines, larger drug firms continue to use these ingredients to cash in on their products while simultaneously disregarding public safety.

Vaccines heavily-laden with infected animal cells

The CDC’s list includes an array of excipients that use various vero cells taken from animal hosts. These cells have undergone great scrutiny as various clinical studies raised concerns about possible infection. An excipient found in polio vaccine, for example, contains cells from African green monkeys. Vero cells taken from this species of ape are known to be infected with Simian Virus 40, a DNA tumor virus associated with the onset of different types of cancer. Further analysis also revealed that the virus has a slow-moving an archetypal strain that drug manufacturers and regulators failed to monitor. The use of this infected vaccine excipient resulted in a significant increase in cancer rates since the 1960s.


A rotavirus vaccine also came under fire for using this excipient. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Virology found that the rotavirus vaccine contains a live simian virus, with researchers noting a 96 percent matching certainty. Another study confirmed the presence of an endogenous baboon virus in the same vaccine. The results appear in the journal Advances in Virology. Infected cells taken from diseased monkeys have also been feared to have tainted a smallpox vaccine. Warning indications for said vaccine include a host of adverse health conditions such as cardiac disease, blindness, and encephalitis.


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Bovine serum is another potentially lethal excipient found mostly in MMR and rotavirus vaccines. The inclusion of this excipient in vaccines has raised concerns of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) contamination. While different health agencies — including the World Health Organization, the CDC and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration — have refuted this, there were rare, documented cases of CJD infection in humans in the U.K. These cases were associated with ingestion of products infected with mad cow disease.

Experts have also raised concerns about the use of porcine vero cells in vaccine production. A rotavirus vaccine was in a bit of hot water a few years back after regulators found out that the treatment contained very high levels of porcine circovirus 1. The vaccine was proven to contain more than 100,000 porcine circovirus 1 DNA molecules in each dose. However, it remains uncertain how the virus directly affects humans, which makes it all the more disconcerting.

Drug firms deliberately add carcinogens, neurotoxins to vaccines

Highly toxic chemicals are not uncommon in vaccine production. In fact, the CDC’s list of vaccine excipients includes at least one industrial-grade chemical. Benzene, for example, is a key component of food dyes used in vaccines. Benzene is a highly toxic carcinogen associated with the onset of different types of cancer, such as acute myeloid leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Other carcinogenic compounds found in vaccines include formaldehyde, acetone, and ethanol.


Thimerosal, a neurotoxin, was also present in most vaccine excipients listed in the CDC document. Thimerosal contains mercury, the second most toxic element in the world next to plutonium. Various studies have found a correlation between thimerosal and the onset of autism spectrum disorder in children.

Despite the apparent health hazard, big pharmaceutical companies insist on using aluminum hydroxide as a key component to vaccine production. Aluminum hydroxide is tied to a host of adverse medical conditions including rhabdomyolysis, encephalopathy, and osteomalacia. The asthma-inducing glutaraldehyde also appeared to be a staple in vaccine production. Data from the CDC list showed that at least eight vaccine excipients used the toxic compound as a disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde was linked to chemical colitis, rectocolitis, and eczema.

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Coronavirus Vaccination for Vegans

Vaccines with animal cell cultures are not vegan, even if these cells can not be identified anymore in the vaccines.
Even non-vegan would think twice if they could see how the test animals suffer.
Because it needs deadly animal tests to approve the vaccines., and more tests afterward.
Currently, All vaccines are associated with animal suffering and torture.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Vaccination Right For Vegans?

Dr. Jane Goodall: Animal Experiments Are ‘Morally Wrong and Unacceptable

Vaccination – can it be right for Vegans?

Virus infection and their prevention, like vaccination, are not part of a healthy vegan lifestyle in everyday life. To eat healthily, boost the immune system, and maintain a healthy gut, is more potent than any vaccine to prevent infections.
If you live 100% vegan, it can sometimes need the decision whether cruelty-free or to rely on an animal tested vaccine for health issues.
The question of vaccination, or not, as a vegan, everyone has to answer for themselves.
Animals will be used in testing treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.

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What is your stance?

We have to look at vaccines on a vaccine by vaccine basis. Is a coronavirus vaccine on its way? Will it be “mandatory”
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