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Edible Wild Plants A Gift Of Free Food From Mother Nature

Do you know that edible wild plants are healthy?

Edible Wild Plants are not only free to find but also the healthier alternative to many of the greens in the supermarket. If you go walking or jogging in nature and or have the opportunity to spend time in nature, you may like collecting wild plants. Herbs like Nettles, Dandelions, and Daisies, and more you can use in your kitchen. Also, the flowers of the daisies are edible and a beautiful decoration for smoothies. Also, you can eat yaw, red clover, white goosefoot, or ribwort plantain. There are many edible wild plants in our nature. The important thing is that you inquire well. There may also be herb walks in your area. You also can find countless books on this topic.


For starters, it is enough to know the stinging nettle and the dandelion. Although some plants look similar to the dandelion, they are all edible. The leaves of the similar-looking, like the piglet’s herb, are only slightly hairier than those of the dandelion.



Edible Wild Plants for Health 

The roots of wild plants reach deeper into the soil than the roots of conventionally grown leafy vegetables. What we call “weeds” is the best source of minerals and vitamins. For example, by iron deficiency, you can drink green wild plant smoothies daily. Native plants have up to ten times more minerals than the vegetables and leafy greens from the supermarket. If everybody in your neighborhood starts his lawnmower to destroy these “terrible weeds,” you know it better. Also, wild plants are the home of many insect species, such as the butterflies, Bees love dandelion. Instead of cutting everything down, it’s worth letting the lawn in the garden grow or grow one with wild grass seeds.


Edible Wild Plants are suitable for smoothies or to mix in salads.

You can store them for a few days in the fridge. Collect some supplies on your next walk in the meadow.

The stinging nettle, by the way, loses its combustibility during the process, if you cut and bring it home it is gone. It is enough to throw them into the hot water, and it does not burn anymore.
That goes for tea or smoothies in particular. Also, you can let stinging nettle dry and then crumble and use them as a powder. Especially in winter, it is practical to use such a powder in smoothies, if fresh green plants are not available. Read here about SPRING IS BEST TIME TO DETOX WITH THE STINGING NETTLE



You will like the stinging nettle in smoothies. The whole stinging nettle, with all its benefits, enters your body. As you have already noticed, today I make a declaration of love to the stinging nettle. Even though each one of us has had such a traumatic experience with the nettle. Now is the time to consider it a valuable medicinal plant. It is so precious that it has to protect itself by burning.

Therefore, pick the stinging nettle with gloves or scissors. For all wild plants: Never take the roots out with them to make sure that they grow back, and you can always harvest fresh leaves again.

Try this Nettle Smoothie: A ripe mango, a little lemon juice, some ginger (cube-sized), 1/4 avocado, Two hands full of nettle plants, some water

Another nettle smoothie recipe: One cup fresh nettle (tightly packed), 1 cup kale (tightly packed), one large banana, one apple, 2 cups coconut water (or substitute apple juice), 1/2 avocado 1/4 cup mint (tightly packed). Mix in a blender and enjoy! 

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