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A Ponycycle A Solution Not Only For Vegan Kids Living In The City ?

Is a Ponycycle a solution for Pony loving vegan kids?

Not only vegan kids dream of a Pony all kids like them.
Recently we had this video below on our Facebook Page and it seems many like it,
it is a great idea and solution for kids and even teens (adults?)
It is not easy for Vegan kids living in the city to have a real Pony.
A Pony needs a place to live, space, hay, and grain. Keeping a Pony
is not possible for kids who live in a city, maybe in an apartment.
What if, you make this dream come true for your kid? Many have this
dream and now there is a possibility to make it come true. We had a
look and saw what parents experienced by letting their kids have a Ponycycle.
It seems they not only had a lot of fun, it is a good exercise for the
kids as well. And they will love you forever and ever. 🙂
Read some reviews below the videoA Ponycycle A Solution Not Only For Vegan Kids Living In The City ?


Great fun and exercise

By Debbie 

Our 8-year-old daughter got the smaller Pony Cycle for Christmas. She loves horseback riding and she likes to ride bikes. This product sounded like a great way to combine her love of horses and being active at the same time. She actually rides this horse indoors or outdoors every day! It encourages creative play and it’s a great form of exercise. We just purchased the second larger size for her birthday. Now she can have pony races with her friends and she will be able to ride it for years to come. It is well made, durable and has definitely far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend this product.
Ton of Fun
By Carla M
UFREE Large Mechanical Horse Toy, Ride on Bounce up and down and Move, Ponycycle- Size Big 42” for Children 4 to 16 Years Old
How to make a seven-year-old girl love you forever and ever. Works very well even Mom took it for a ride.
Beyond expectations…

By Edward a Schoen 

My four grandkids love ’em! From 21 mos. to 6 1/2 yrs old they want on em as soon as we get home, unfortunately, I’ve only got two. They are great exercise and consequently they ride and then walk … it’ll wear them out, which is a good thing. Neighbors and passers-by all stare and stop to ask about them. One mom told us her kids insisted they were “real’, and why couldn’t they have horses… Great toy and really good customer support.

This Unicorn is Amazing!

By J. Crawley on April 25, 2015

I bought it for my granddaughter for her 4th birthday and she was absolutely excited beyond belief. She just turned to me and hugged me before she even tried it out. Her family just moved into a new house that is very open so needless to say, she does not walk anywhere, she rides. I would recommend this to everyone, I will be buying a pony for my other granddaughter in August!!