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How To Get The Kids To Eat Healthy Vegetables ?(+Recipes)

Can we get the kids to eat more healthy vegetables?

Getting the kids to eat healthy vegetables is needed to make sure they get enough nutrients and vitamins. Many kids do not like vegetables very much. Maybe they did not learn it?

Parents often grew up not liking and eating them either. We had a time when vegetables were rare in our food and not natural, all canned too much cooked. Fast Food was King, like Chicken Nuggets, Hamburgers.

Now eating habits are changing to more natural organic food. Allergies, diabetes, and other health issues are rising. We all want to prevent our kids from this disease. There are ways to get the kids to eat more healthy vegetables.

See the video below and see how to get the kids to eat more healthy vegetables.

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 How To Get The Kids To Eat Healthy Vegetables?

Advertising is tricking our kids.

If you have young kids and you let them catch some cartoons so you can get things done around the house, you’ve most likely seen how commercials tell our kids everything that they need. From toys to Lucky Charms, Madison Avenue knows what it’s doing. And my guest today, Dr. Drew Hanks, has done some exciting research on how our kids make fewer nutritional choices because of all the advertising that’s out there. He’s a behavioral economist who focuses on consumer food choice and eating and the economic and psychological factors that influence these decisions.

Dr. Hanks says that his research and efforts are about getting kids to make healthier choices in the lunchrooms instead of putting the energy into just blocking them from getting there in the first place. It’s about changing the mind from step one and reframing it. If we restrict the choices, what are we teaching the kids? If we put the focus on choosing the healthier option, even if the bad choice is there for the taking as well. That’s encouraging.

Get the Kids to eat more healthy vegetables with these Recipes



Vegan Carrot Cake Pancakes with roasted carrots and walnuts & loads of spice. Layered with a vegan yogurt coconut cream dressing. breakfast. gluten-free option.


These Breakfast Cookies are the BEST. They’re easy to make ahead for a healthy breakfast all week, they’re a nutritional powerhouse, packed with fiber and protein, and they won’t fall apart and aren’t too dry!


Chilla, Cheela or Pudla are simple Indian breakfast pancakes. These Vegan Chickpea flour Pancakes are crepe-like savory breakfast. Add veggies to the batter or serve with roasted veggies and a dip. Gluten-free Soy-free Nut-free Recipe.

Vegan “Eggs” Benedict Florentine Omelettes with Sage Hollandaise Sauce


Vegan Broccoli (or any vegetable) Tater Tots

Bite-size stuff with hidden veggies. Win

Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Curry with Veggies & Peas

This is a kid favorite! Serve over rice or with naan bread for dipping! (After all, dipping anything is a kid-friendly coercion tactic at the dinner table!)

Meatless Bolognese Sauce

The flexibility in a bolognese sauce means that additional vegetables and ingredients can be added. And if you have a picky eater in your home – it’s a great way to include more vegetables.

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Veggie Mama’s Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cheezecake Recipe

Cheezecake is definitely something you make when you want to surprise people with a delicious vegan treat that they won’t believe is egg and dairy-free. It’s creamy and delicious; the best part is it’s heart-healthy!

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