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The Best Tips On How To Do A Raw Food Detox

Do you want to improve your look and your health with raw food detox?

Time for a raw food detox! The winter is over and the spring is here. Many now have an urgent need to become even healthier and improve their appearance. The lifestyle with plenty of raw food comes to the rescue.

No other food has such a significant effect on our health and appearance as living food which is food that is not heated above 45 ° Celsius.

 Raw Food Detox

Nothing works without enzymes.

Raw, living food comes with enzymes, which ensure that the nutrients are better absorbed. Food that we heat above 45 ° C has no enzymes left. It means that our body has to use its own enzymes. And there is a difference between dead cells and living cells. But when it comes to food, we ignore the difference between “dead” and “alive.”

For example, the fruit is picked and cut in half. Although the fruit is then no longer whole, the seeds are still alive (except for hybrid fruits), and the fruit or vegetables are always full of life.

 Raw Food Detox


Because as soon as we plant the seeds, kernels, or raw nuts in the soil, a plant will grow again. The fruits continue to ripen. Even if they are no longer hanging on the tree. Carrots, onions, or beetroot sprout back as soon as we plant them in the soil.

Enzymes are active molecules and consist of minerals and proteins, as well as vitamins. Science and industry try, again and again, to isolate these nutrients and produce supplements from them. But can you reproduce real life from food? We cannot replace living food created by the sun.

Enzymes are susceptible when exposed to high heat. It also includes the pasteurization of food. No food makes you younger, more vital, and alive than living food with all its enzymes intact. Natural living food rejuvenates us and is better than any anti-aging product.

However, cooked food is still considered the more appealing food. Cookbooks and magazines like to demonstrate how to manipulate and alter natural food.

Even children learn that food in its original form is less tasty. We have to teach children from an early age that living food in its original form tastes delicious and much more intense than the cooked variant.


Living food gives rise to vibrating cells, and when our body begins to purify from the inside and the right nutrients are fed to it, then our outward appearance will follow.

We can notice Physical features which are particularly concise with raw food, like:

They are always close to their ideal body weight

Even older raw food eaters are moving as energetically as young people.

They often have a slightly golden skin tone.

Her eyes are radiant, and the eye-white is clear

Even people beyond the age of 40 are young and have this Glow.

The face appears finer because less water accumulates in the tissue

Plenty of raw food and fasting now and then have the most significant anti-aging effect

Why do so many fail to switch to healthy, living food?

Some people have repeatedly setbacks and occasionally celebrate cake and pasta orgies. It’s just a mind thing. Our comfort food, which we know since early childhood, has been deeply engraved in our consciousness and in our senses. Our taste buds are manipulated. In addition, we often experience detox symptoms when we switch to fruits and vegetables or even fast for a few days. Our body uses all channels to get rid of its toxins (slags).

“Fasting is the oldest healing method that exists.”

Is a Raw Food Detox and fasting only for experienced people?

Here are a few tips on Raw food Detox” or cleansing and fasting:

How can you detoxify if you have little experience in it? Many think that you have to participate in expensive fasting retreats.

The good news is that even at home with little habit changes, you can regularly cleanse and detoxify your body.

What does raw food detox, cleansing, or fasting mean?

Science likes to claim that our body can dispose of all toxins, wastes, debris, or slags through our digestive system, the intestines, liver, kidneys, bladder, skin, etc. If so, why are many overweight and have other lifestyle diseases? For example, chronic headache or even migraine means that the body is overloaded with toxins or slags. Often migraine gets worse when we start with detox (cleansing). After that, however, it gets noticeably better and can usually even disappear totally if we change our diet in the long run.

From where do these slags or toxins come?

It comes from permanent overeating and eating the wrong food. These include heavily processed foods, too many animal proteins, pasta, etc., as well as medications, environmental toxins, and constant stress, which also helps keep our body from excreting. Our body tries to control these poisons by depositing or encapsulating these poisons somewhere.

What are the ideal fasting methods?

For a raw food detox, consume a lot of fresh, watery fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach (ideal for fasting beginners): This can be whole fruits, such as a mono-meal with only one kind of fruit. A mono-meal has the advantage that it digests quickly and hardly consumes digestive energy. However, potential detoxification symptoms can be more intense during a single meal.

You should consume Smoothies and fresh vegetable juices only on an empty stomach. Since this food requires little digestive energy, our body can detoxify quickly. As soon as you eat just one date or nut (concentrated food), your body stops the detoxification process.

“Our body can not digest and detoxify at the same time.”

Water fasting :

This type of fasting is ideal for losing weight, detoxifying, and generating more physical energy and spiritual experience. You only drink plenty of pure, still water. Nothing else. Water fasting detoxifies in a very fast way as your digestive system gets a perfect break. After two or three days you often feel a great euphoria, and you get along with very little sleep. If you are fasting for more than three days, a fasting expert should be monitoring it. In the first one to two days, you will feel a strong hunger sensation, which is often psychological. Because we often can not believe that our body can get along with much less food than is generally assumed.

Intermittent fasting is also suitable for beginners:

With this type of fasting, you can relatively well integrate into everyday life. Generally, one can say that less food rejuvenates us.
Intermittent fasting means nothing more than eating nothing for a few hours in between.
Also, the production of a certain hormone slows down, which accelerates our aging process. It is very similar to insulin. Lower levels of it mean cell regeneration and also rejuvenation. For example, you could always fast for a couple of hours between meals, or you could take one to two days of fasting per week. Only water or vegetable juices are allowed. It’s about having nothing in your stomach for a few hours a day. This results in faster cell regeneration, a younger appearance, fewer illnesses, and the body becoming more resistant to stress. Intermittent fasting can look very different and you can find out for yourself what works and what does not.

 Raw Food Detox

Juice fasting is for beginners and advanced:

Nevertheless, juice-fasting is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you have diabetes or other serious infections, it is not recommended to juice fasting. Because fresh vegetable juice has no more fiber and thus it can sometimes come to blood sugar peaks, as well as certain vegetables have more sugar than others, for example, carrots or beetroot.

Nevertheless, juice fasting is a not-so-hard form of fasting and incidentally offers some taste. Juice fasting is particularly suitable for people who want to lose weight. Juice fasting is very detoxifying. The juices should always be fresh and not pasteurized.

Even the freezing of juices makes the juices worthless. Only use vegetables, especially green vegetables and leafy vegetables, for juicing. The only fruit that you can be juice with vegetables is an apple. Drink about five glasses of fresh vegetable juice a day. In between, plenty of water.

What type of fasting is most ideal for beginners?

Have a fasting day per week. You can only stay with water or have a juice fasting day. The effects will not be that big, but if you put in this one day a week and consider it a solid ritual, then your body will get a rhythm and slow down more slowly but detoxify.
Intense detoxification symptoms are therefore missing. Also, you will look fresher and brighter on the following day and feel more energetic. Even if you go to bed with an empty stomach now and then, this can be considered intermittent fasting and can accelerate cell regeneration.

What to eat after fasting and detox?

Start with fruits, vegetables, or smoothies. Even a light soup is okay. It should be very light food. Otherwise, the fasting would not have done much. Your body needs to get used to a little firmer food gradually. In general, you should respect a healthy diet even outside of fasting.

What about slim people?

If you are slim or too thin and would like to gain some weight, one fasting day per week can improve your intake. This means your gut can better utilize nutrients. During fasting, your digestive system can regenerate and work more efficiently. 

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