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The Most Liked Desserts from Around the World for Your Sweet Tooth.

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

Who does not like Desserts? Everywhere in the world, people have their traditional sweet dishes, and some of them are famous and loved everywhere due to the internet and travel. 

Whether chocolaty, fruity, or creamy, Desserts cause enthusiasm worldwide. Here, you can find simple and quick dessert recipes for every day, but also unusual dessert recipes from all over the world that you can prepare and surprise family and guests.

When guests visit, or a romantic dinner for two is imminent, you should not forget about the dessert. But the decision is often difficult. How quickly can I prepare it, and should the dessert be served cold or warm?

If you expect guests, you are more relaxed if you can prepare the dessert quickly and ready to go. You can conjure up your desserts, prepare them the day before, and serve them in no time after the main course.

Desserts to prepare the day before

For almost every dessert, you can prepare the base and various components the day before. Every pudding can be pre-cooked, small cakes pre-baked, and even creams need some time in the fridge to set. You can also easily prepare dessert toppings such as fruit, caramel, or chocolate sauce.

Prepare for decoration

You can decorate Desserts you prepared the day before with crunchy fruits, a smooth sauce, or chocolate sprinkles, for example, shortly before serving. 

Many classic desserts you can easily prepare the day before. Vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, mousse au chocolat, semolina pudding, or rice pudding are great to prepare and taste good to everyone. Add different toppings to the classics, such as sprinkles, fruit salad, and dessert sauces; then, everyone can choose.


Freshly sliced fruit is always a great idea for dessert. However, compotes such as apple compote or thickened fruit sauces are ideal for preparing the day before. With little tricks, a fruit salad can also stay fresh. For this reason, you should avoid bananas because they quickly become mushy. To prevent apples, pears, etc., from turning brown, squeeze lemons and pour them over the sensitive fruit.

The probably easiest desserts to prepare the day before being taken out of the freezer and placed on the table and done! Of course, this refers to all forms of ice cream, which is not only a good idea in hot temperatures. Above all, preparing parfaits and sorbets is extremely easy and can be adapted to suit any occasion using different variations. Summer, winter, Christmas, and birthdays are no problem for your favorite dessert: ice cream!

Dessert is always possible and welcome. You can easily prepare it with just a few ingredients.

If you are looking for delicious dessert recipes with a wow factor? Then you are exactly right here. 

Have fun with the delicacies!

The Most Liked Desserts from Around the World

Classic vegan crêpes (quick & easy!)

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

These vegan crêpes are just like the traditional French crêpes but egg and dairy-free. All you need is 5 ingredients, a nonstick skillet, and your favorite fillings (sweet or savory!). Don’t be intimidated – these are as easy as making homemade pancakes!

Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream (Raw, Vegan, GF) | Helado de Queso con Zarzamora – Vegano

Vegan Tiramisu

Skip the classic ladyfingers version and try my homemade vegan-approved Italian dessert! This vegan dessert recipe will impress anyone with its presentation value and rich, decadent flavors. 

Vegan Crème Brûlée

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

Crème brûlee is a French custard-based dessert with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. It is surprisingly easy to make vegan, and perhaps even easier than the traditional version, as there is no baking involved.

Vegan Alfajores (Caramel Cookies)

Did you know Alfajores are a specialty from Argentina? And this special recipe is veganized!

Vegan souffle – delicious and gluten-free

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

Souffle is an amazing dessert that impresses over and over again with its amazing chocolate flavour and perfect soft texture. It’s simply irresistible!

Kaju Katli

Vegan Kaju Katli – 20-minute Indian Cashew Fudge. Soft fudgy Cardamom Cashew Burfi Vegan Gluten-free Indian Recipe 

Vegan Melomakarona (Greek Christmas Cookies)

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

This vegan melomakarona is a delicious Christmas treat, filling your kitchen with irresistible orange, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavors. The cookies are also super easy and fun to make! 

Vegan Ras Malai Recipe

Ras Malai was my big-time favourite Indian sweet, and I haven’t had a chance to enjoy them since I became vegan. Ras Malai comes from Bengal, and People eat it on special occasions and festivities.

Vegan Syrniki (Cheese Pancakes)

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

Syrniki (traditional cheese pancakes made in many Eastern European countries) are something I’ve not had in AGES!! My memories of them are from very early childhood — one of my babushkas loved making them for me as a treat. 


Classic Vanilla, Mint Chip, and Pomegranate-Almond Variations. Adapted from a family recipe as well as Joyce Hardcastle, 1986.

Vegan Baklava

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.

This vegan baklava is layers of sweet filo and chopped nuts, all covered in a sweet syrup! No honey and no dairy needed; it’s a simple yet showstopping dessert guaranteed to impress!


This easy Vegan Custard Recipe is a creamy vanilla custard perfect for dipping fruits or serving on top of your favorite vegan cake.

Vegan Frozen Custard

Discover popular and traditional Desserts from around the world.
chocolate caramel vegan frozen custard recipe Tina Vesic food writer

No-Churn Any Berry Sorbet

No-Churn Any Berry Sorbet made with just two ingredients. This healthy sorbet you can make in your food processor or blender, and it is ready in minutes!

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