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Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

 Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes for the festival  time

These  Indian vegan dishes are traditionally prepared for the festival time in India, There are many festivals in India and people like to eat food Homemade and tasty. In south India is  Onam a harvest festival.

Here we have some of the traditional Indian vegan dishes prepared from Indu’s International Kitchen and some from Radha Natarajan Your everyday CookBoth Ladies are ambitious and passionate foodie chefs and blogger who really love what they do. They like to bring the traditional dishes to us.

We can try the vast variety and wealth of Indian vegan dishes. See below and discover the traditional Indian vegan dishes that are made especially for the festival season.

Enjoy the exotic dishes!

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

Lentils in coconut milk (Parippu curry)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes-parippu_onam

It’s Onam again! And I should say Onam week since Onam is perhaps the only Indian festival that lasts for 10 days! Of course, only folks in Kerala get a chance to celebrate it for 10 days. There are different variations of this Parippu curry – some folks use yellow split lentils and also use ground coconut instead of coconut milk. This version is my amma’s version where she used always thick coconut milk. She also used to add potatoes to this curry – I don’t remember when she started doing that but I suspect I had something to do with it – I loved potatoes as a kid (and still do! ) and wanted it in every dish!

Lentil and vegetable curry (Sambhaar)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes-IMG_0494

Sambhaar is a spicy and tangy curry (soup) made of lentils and vegetables.  This is a curry that is typical ‘South Indian’ cuisine and each of the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala have their slightly different versions of sambhaar.

Mixed vegetables in coconut sauce (Avial)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes-Mixed vegetables in coconut sauce (Avial)

Avial (pronounced as Aveeh-ial) is a delicious and sumptuous mixed vegetable dish that is essentially very simple to make (if you follow the directions strictly!) I would say the only complicated part of this dish is the use of many different vegetables and the different cooking times that they require.   Avial is made with a mix of hard vegetables like green(raw) plantain, chembu (taro root),  suran (elephant’s foot) etc.  as well as soft vegetables like white pumpkin (bhopla),  green beans, carrots, eggplant etc.


Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes
Vengaya Kosu is a spicy onion tomato curry from the Chettinad kitchens and we serve it as an accompaniment to idlis, dosas, Pongal.

This dish can be made as spicy as you like or keep it milder but makes a delicious side dish and a great change from the regular tiffin sambar.

Mathanga Erishery (Pumpkin and red beans curry)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

Red chori(known as payaru in malayalam) also known as adzuki beans are
small, oval, dark-reddish brown beans. They have a strong,
unusually sweet flavor and creamy texture. In India, it is more commonly
used in south Indian cuisine. These beans are highly nutritious – rich in protein, fiber, and
folic acid.

This curry is fairly easy to make as long as you have a pressure
cooker (to cook the beans) and a food processor to grind the coconut!

Cabbage with Coconut(Cabbage Thoran)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes-Cabbage with coconut (Kerala style)

This cabbage sabzi (vegetable side dish) was one of the first things I learned to cook when I started paying attention to my amma’s cooking.  This is a very simple and easy recipe with really a very few ingredients yet the beauty of this dish is in its simplicity.

Green plantains with channa (Kadala and kaaya thoran)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

Thoran is a generic name (in Malayalam) for all vegetable dry dishes which have freshly grated coconut.  Kadala(black channa) and kaaya(green plantain) are both very ‘heavy’ ingredients and so this sabzi is really very filling (just like avail). However its a nice balance of carbs and proteins and so its like a meal in itself.

Ginger and Tamarind Chutney (Inji Pulli)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

A Kerala sadya (feast) is not complete without the ‘Inji Pulli’ (or Pulli Inji) which is a sweet, sour and hot chutney we make using freshly grated ginger, tamarind, jaggery, and chilies. Just the mention of the ingredients makes your mouth water, right? Yum. This chutney actually is very beneficial to the digestive process and enables you to finish the sadya without feeling stuffed and bloated?

Winter melon / Ash gourd coconut curry (Kumbalanga curry)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes-Winter melon/Ash gourd coconut curry(Kumbalanga Curry)

Now a little description on ‘Kumbalanga’- We call it as ash gourd or winter melon in English. It is well utilized in Chinese as well as Indian cuisine.   It has a hard, green skin on the outside but is very soft and white on the inside. With the center portion filled with seeds and pulp (very similar to pumpkin). You can get a more detailed description of this vegetable here:

Lentil and Coconut Pudding (Parippu Paayasam)

Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

So here’s the much treasured ‘Parippu Paayasam’ recipe from our family to yours! Btw, this recipe is for a sadya – makes about 20 servings so you may want to halve or quarter the recipe if you don’t have a crowd coming over!?


Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes
Ratna Cafe Tiffîn sambar is most sought after by its loyal patrons who prefer to douse their soft idlis in a plate full of sambar . It is not unheard of for patrons to request for additional cups of sambar rather than more idlis . Such is the craving and there is no denying that people order idlis just to drink that yummy sambar .

An attempt to recreate that taste at home


Discover The Secret Of Traditional Indian Vegan Dishes

Gorkeri pickle is a sweet spicy fare from Gujarat.One of the many popular pickles that people prepare during hot summer months. When the market is brimming with raw mangoes of many kinds. There is an air of frenzy to pickle as much as possible some for months and some for the quick satisfaction. Traditionally Gorkeri pickle takes a few days to mellow and get ready.

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