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6 Useful Cooking Tricks And Tips Make Vegan Food Tasty

Cooking tips and tricks for your vegan meals

Who does not like new cooking tips and tricks to make vegan food tastier so even non-vegans can resist?

 On a Vegan diet:” What can I eat how to make it taste?” Some will ask. Anyone who cooks and does not use meat, fish, dairy, eggs. But plenty of vegetables, cereals, legumes, and very many, very delicious soy-based products. Vegan recipes more and more people get used to cooking vegan!

But how to make it tastier? for this, there are some cooking tricks and tips. Helpful kitchen tips for vegan cooking can be found here.

A vegan lifestyle means rejecting all foods and products that come from animals: meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, and leather. Some people are thinking of joyless, pale people, or of food without flavor. But all that belongs to the vegan past. On the one hand, there are countless “substitute products” for the preparation of vegan recipes, on the other hand, you can combine cereals, vegetables with spices and herbs in the vegan recipes in such a way that a vegan and non-vegan does not feel a difference.

Below are some cooking tricks and tips for tasteful vegan cooking.


6 Useful Cooking Tricks And Tips Make Vegan Food Tasty

1. Spice things up with Creole seasoning, celery seed, Old Bay, cayenne, and more.

Useful Cooking Tricks And Tips Make Vegan Food Tasty

Down South, we don’t skimp on flavor. Luckily, spices are vegan, so it’s easy to achieve that Southern flavor profile without meat. Stock your spice cabinet with essentials like Creole or Cajun seasoning, celery seed, smoked paprika, Old Bay, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, hot sauce, and onion powder. Two of my favorite tasty soul food recipes are New Orleans–Style Red Beans & Rice, spiced with smoked paprika, bay leaves, and Cajun seasoning; and Low Country Grits (pictured above), flavored with Creole seasoning and Old Bay.

2. Fire up the grill for charred flavor.

Useful Cooking Tricks And Tips Make Vegan Food Tasty

Grilling is essential to Southern cooking. We love firing up the grill from spring to fall, and even sometimes in the winter. A hot grill gives vegetables and plant-based foods a delicious charred flavor and richness that you can’t get from baking or roasting. Try grilling my Sweet Potato Burgers or Beet Black Bean Burgers (pictured above).

3. Embrace liquid smoke, smoked paprika, and a smoker to replicate the savory, umami-rich flavor of smoked pork.

Useful Cooking Tricks And Tips Make Vegan Food Tasty

Think you can’t have satisfying smoky food without pork? Think again! A raw slab of pig flesh doesn’t have much charm on its own—it’s the hours spent in a smoker that make it delicious. The same smoking process works on plants and makes them just as succulent and delicious as meat. Try smoking eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, or tofu in your smoker. If you don’t have a smoker, you can achieve that amazing smoky flavor by using liquid smoke or smoked paprika! Try my Crispy Eggplant Bacon (pictured above) and see for yourself.

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