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Is This The Vegan White Christmas Cake Of Your Dreams?

The Cake is not only a special treat for Christmas.

A vegan white cake is, for many, an irresistible treat. Here we have truly something special. A vegan white Christmas cake that looks not only awesome and beautiful but is also healthy and delicious.

Something exceptional, and you can create it with various spices and fruits, making it even tastier. A scarce combination of ingredients.

It will be the dream cake of all your friends and family, not only at Christmas. It looks aromatic and warm, and the decoration looks beautiful even if you would use fruits instead. Also, if you are a chocolate lover, there is a chocolate cake recipe as well by Gretchen’s Bakery.

And there is also the Yule Log. Another exceptional white Christmas cake by Nirvana Cakery

Start now and prepare these amazing Vegan White Christmas cakes for your family and friends.

Vegan White Christmas Cake

Is This The Vegan White Christmas Cake Of Your Dreams?


This White Christmas Cake with two simple recipes for fluffy white cake layers and buttercream for the filling and icing
It doesn’t get easier!


Get the whole recipe here: White Christmas Cake.

FOR THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS, DON’T FORGET I HAVE THIS EXACT CAKE IN DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE TOO! Keep it simple and stick to the tried and true basics! Although no one will ever think this double chocolate holiday cake is basic!

Yule Log (vegan & gluten-free)

This Yule Log is a plant-based recipe without any refined sugar and made with only wholesome ingredients filled with vegan white chocolate frosting, making it taste just divine.

Is This The Vegan White Christmas Cake Of Your Dreams?

A delicious plant-based version of a traditional yule log made with wholesome ingredients filled with divine white chocolate frosting. I  think that Yule Log is one of the loveliest Christmas recipes to make and one that will look stunning on your festive table.


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