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10 Tips for Vegan Travelers – How To Manage Being Vegan Abroad

Are you a vegan traveler?

Vegan travelers often have difficulties to find the right food to eat . This does not have to be like this. Experienced Vegan Travelers can help with solutions. It can be even fun and there are a  lot of interesting things to discover on the way, which makes it easy for the next travel.You need to know the right places to go and where to stay best.

Great is if you can prepare your meals yourself. Travel to countries where there is a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. How to do this and how to overcome Language Barriers read below and get tips from experienced vegan travelers.

Read 10 Tips for Vegan Travelers.

Look at the end of the article and find out how to mange living a  vegan Van life 🙂

10 Tips for Vegan Travelers – How To Manage Being Vegan Abroad

Top Ten Tips for the Vegan Traveler


Before I set out on a round the world journey in 2014 I wondered what challenges my dietary restrictions would create and whether or not I would have to resort to surviving on bread and crackers or consider breaking my diet along the way.

Luckily I haven’t had to do either. In fact I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it has been to keep to my animal friendly diet in countries whose local populations don’t have a clear definition of what it means to be vegan.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for the Vegan Traveler!

Find Hostels with Kitchens

Having a kitchen on the road is probably the best way to ensure that you are not only able to stick to your diet but that you can also cook your favorite recipes while traveling. For tips take a look at our article on cooking in hostel kitchens.

Prepare Ahead

Health food stores can be few and far between in some countries.  It’s a good idea to bring things like B12, coconut oil, mach, spirulina, or probiotics with you or stock up when you find a good store.

Carry Some Items

Be sure to save a little space in your backpack for items you pick up along the way that will come in handy throughout your travels like curry powder, salt, olive oil, and brown rice. If you move from location to location quickly there is no need to throw out unused products when you can just bring them to your next destination.


Look for Local Farmers Markets

Produce at local grocery stores in many places can often be disappointing. Farmers markets are a great place to get the freshest and most diverse local ingredients for your vegan meals and usually at much lower prices than a supermarket. Additionally, you can often times find deliciously prepared items that are both local and vegan. Additionally, shopping at the farmers market means you are supporting the local community.

Ask for Changes

We often ask staff at restaurants to make amendments for us while in our home towns. Substitute bacon for veggies, hold the cheese, etc. There is no reason to not do this when traveling. Just make sure to be clear about your dietary restrictions as often times throughout the world the terms vegetarian and vegan aren’t very well understood and may simply mean to someone local that you don’t eat red meat.

Discover Happy Cow

A great resource for vegetarians and vegans, Happy Cow is a website devoted to sharing delicious restaurants throughout the world with vegetarian food. If you’re visiting a new country or town, check out their website to see what is available and if you find a new restaurant with great vegan options review it or add it to the site to share with your fellow travelers.

Talk to Other Travelers

I’ve met a lot of backpacking veggies on the road and some of my favorite restaurants are ones that I would have never found out about without their suggestions. One of the best meal I’ve had came from a little restaurant in Panama called Leaf Eaters.  It’s a restaurant I would have never found without the suggestion of a fellow traveler.10 Tips for Vegan Travelers

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