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You Will Love These 4 Winning Raw Food Recipes

Winning Raw Food Recipes from raw food lovers

You will love these winning raw food recipes. Eating raw is the most natural way to have all nutrition, minerals, and vitamins we need to stay healthy. Preparing delicious raw food is an art. It needs the knowledge of how to combine the ingredients and what kind of herbs and spices to use to make it tasty. People who are used to cooked food, often do not believe how satisfying and delicious it is and that it is possible to stay away from a stove. Trying Raw food will exceed the expectations and they can not believe that it can be a feel-good food.
Here are some awesome winning raw food recipes from Guardian readers.

4 Winning Raw Food Recipes

You Will Love These 4 Winning Raw Food Recipes


Maryann Sinaee’s tomato and fennel salad with pistachio pesto run off with the raw recipe prize this week…

Photograph: Jason Lowe for the Guardian

The super salad from Suzanne Anderegg was a riot of textures; the ingredient list is long, but its feel-good power is mighty. Timing is everything with raw dishes, and ElleZumbido’s sunflower seed and sundried tomato spread is no exception. Although a few hours of soaking is required, it takes less than one minute to make – a perfect lunchbox snack that will keep for a few days in the fridge.

But this week’s raw star is simple to prepare, satisfying, and just a little bit showy. Maryam Sinaiee’s tomato and fennel salad with fragrant pistachio, thyme, and mint pesto is an effortless ray of sunshine for the final days of summer.

The winning recipe:

Tomato and fennel salad with pistachio pesto

The peppery tang of summer savory, mint, and pistachio pesto really complements sweet tomatoes. Summer savory (and its perennial relative, winter savory) are hard to find in the UK unless you grow it, so use fresh thyme if you can’t find it.

Maryam Sinaiee, via GuardianWitness

Raw super salad with Thai dressing


Raw super salad with Thai dressing This week’s theme was a good excuse to snoop around my local Chinese supermarket to choose some of the ingredients for this raw salad. I was nervous about using kelp but I am now a complete convert to what turns out to be a pasta-like noodle. Suzanne Anderegg, via GuardianWitness

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