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Raw Food Diets – Which One Fits Your Lifestyle ?

Raw food diets for Every Lifestyle

There are a variety of raw food diets these days. Some are 100% raw; some are gourmet raw, raw vegan, raw til 4, and Alkaline 5 Diet. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to be on a 100% raw diet. This is easier in warm regions.
In a cold climate, finding in winter fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables is not possible.  It needs more effort to make a meal. Working people in northern regions may need to use high raw, which includes some cooked food. Many use a raw food diet for weight loss and health issues. A raw alkaline diet works very well here.
Many use it for weight loss as well, as health issues, and a raw alkaline diet works very well. Here Alkaline 5 Diet Food-conscious people will find the right diet for themselves.
Read below about the different Raw diets and find recipes.
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Raw Food Diets – Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

So, What Do You Actually Eat on a Raw Food Diet?

I’ve met hardcore meat fans who simply can’t imagine anything remotely palatable that hasn’t been cooked. They are convinced that they’d starve on a raw diet mainly because they think that all they can eat is lettuce and apples.
Speaking as a long-term high-raw vegan, I can say that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and, with a little creativity, raw food opens up a whole new and wonderful eating experience.

Raw food can be as simple as eating mono-meals of fruit, such as a plate of six oranges or five mangoes or a few pounds of strawberries or blueberries. Or, it can be as complicated and fancy as a raw cacao torte and whipped cashew cream or spinach, tomato, and mushroom quiche.

Personally, I like to keep it quite simple and throw it together with things like green smoothies and large salads.

Incredibly Simple & Nutritious Raw Food Recipes

Here are a couple of simple raw food diet recipes that you can prepare in under ten minutes. They are both packed full of nutrients and live plant enzymes that your body can use to regenerate its cells and give you maximum nourishment.

Raw Food Diets - Which One Fits Your Lifestyle ?

Banana Green Smoothie
5 very ripe bananas (with brown spots on their skin), 1 large handful of spinach,
150ml water.
Add ingredients to a blender, blend, and serve. Serves 1 (500 calories)

Creamy Avocado, Kale, and Tomato Salad 

2 large handfuls of kale, chopped, 1 medium avocado, 2 tomatoes, chopped, 1 lime, juiced, 1 tsp agave syrup, tsp paprika, Pinch black pepper
Add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl, and massage so that all the kale is evenly coated with the avocado mix. Serve. Makes 1-2 servings (300 calories total)

What’s So Good About a Raw Food Diet?

To a large extent, the growing hype around raw food, and specifically strictly raw vegan food, is justified. Even when we eat homemade nutritious food, the process of cooking can cause it to lose up to 80 percent of its nutrients, whereas eating it raw means that we retain all of the wonderful live enzymes and vitamins, and minerals that the food contains.


Certainly, eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables can really do wonders for your health and waistline. On top of that, raw veganism is great for the planet and animals, as well as your well-being. It’s a well-documented fact that the number-one cause of the world’s pollution and depleting resources are from the industries directly associated with cooked food, in particular, factory farming and fast food.

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