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A Millet Pillow Can It Be A Miracle Cure?

What is a Millet Pillow?

How can a millet pillow help you? Have you been sitting at your desk all day? Then your neck and back can hurt quickly. Rescue comes in the form of massages, relaxation sports such as yoga, or a hot water bottle. What many do not know: You can “sleep away” the tension with a millet pillow that replaces the regular pillow on days with neck pain. The best: A millet pillow warms and relaxes other painful body parts, such as the stomach.

millet pillow

When the pain prevents sleep

Many know this problem: If you go to bed in the evening, you cannot fall asleep because of pain in your back or another musculoskeletal system. Instead, you roll from side to side, and the pillow always seems to be wrong, no matter how you position it. The cause is often tension in the head and neck area, problems with the back or shoulders, or a rigid neck. The millet pillow has been used to treat such complaints for several years. It is a beautiful place to relax and can relieve tension and pain in a slightly warmed-up form.

 The millet pillow proves they can also be real remedies for physical complaints.

Millet pillow miracle cure: Our ancestors already knew

The best remedies still come from nature. Millet is a collective name for small-grain cereals with ten to twelve genera and belongs to the family of sweet grasses. Our ancestors made millet flatbread thousands of years ago, but at that point, they had already discovered the pillow as a remedy for tension and pain.

Millet shells with which the millet pillow is filled are particularly soft, particularly elastic, and therefore more flexible than a pillow filled with buckwheat.

The small size of the millet shells also contributes to sleeping comfort on a millet pillow. Most pillows you can buy are organic, which means that both the filling and the cotton for the cover come from organic farming. Care should be taken for safe sleeping comfort and especially if the pillow comes into contact with tender children’s skin. You can also make a pillow yourself and fill it with organic millet hulls. 

millet pillow

 Pillow use

The millet pillow works so well against tension and pain because it can be warmed up. It should not be put in the oven or microwave for more than ten minutes. At the same time, it cools in an unheated state, such as when you sweat a lot at night. When traveling, the pillow proves to be comfortable on the go, which can be stowed away in the luggage to save space and quickly conjured up on long journeys or flights.

And last but not least, a millet pillow gives a lovingly and comfortably made-up bed the final finish, for example, with a beautiful cover. For the millet pillow – as for your other pillows – it is recommended that you have several different covers to choose from. So you can cover the pillow suitable for all seasons. In the warmer summer months, light and cooling fabrics such as silk and satin are particularly ideal for the millet pillow. In winter and autumn, terry and beaver covers provide additional cozy warmth. A wide range of colors for the different covers for the millet pillow will help you to easily integrate the pillow into the color scheme of your bed.


What exactly is in a millet pillow?

Millet shells in a pillow

Millet, more precisely millet shells, is an ideal pillow filling material

When it comes to the pillow fillings, there is some confusion. Millet grains are not used in millet cushions, as you will use them for cooking in your kitchen.

Instead, only husks, i.e., the original coating of the cores.

If you had millet grains in your pillow, they could germinate due to the moisture and heat you emit. That would, of course, not be wanted and unpleasant. The material that finds its way to you has already been cleaned and sterilized. You do not have to have any hygiene concerns.

So if you read about someone praising “millet grains” as a pillow filling, it only shows that the author has no idea.

What are the main advantages of a millet pillow?

Relief of neck and body aches

Pain and millet pillow

The pillows are traditionally used for pain relief

Even our ancestors used (warmed) millet husks as a means to relieve tension and pain in the back and neck.

Nowadays, appropriate knowledge is used as an additional therapy for common diseases such as lumbago and herniated discs, but also for more complicated spinal disorders such as scoliosis.

Millet pillows and Spelt pillows are also used to relieve menstrual cramps.

Warming up millet pillows

The best way to warm up is to place the pillow on the heater

Other pillow fillings, such as feathers, may better insulate and return heat, but millet, on the other hand, guides the heat deeper into the pillow. The pillow can then store the temperature there for a while.

The heat build-up, as is known from feather/down pillows, does not exist here. Many users “preheat” their pillow in the oven for a while. You can do that, but don’t put the pillow in for more than ten minutes and choose a moderate temperature. It shouldn’t be hotter than sixty degrees. It is also not advisable to use the microwave – there is a risk of fire.

Alternatively, you can put the pillow on the heater for a few minutes.

The reverse application as a cold pack is also possible. To do this, cool the pillow in the refrigerator or freezer and then use it to relieve swelling.

An adaptable pillow

The millet pillow is particularly suitable for sleeping. Not only because of its beneficial effects but also because of its extremely high adaptability to the head. Poor postures during sleep can be avoided, and pain can be prevented on the following day. Compared to other grain pillows, the millet pillow is particularly cuddly and quiet, so it does not affect the quality of sleep.

Millet husks are small, smooth, and round. This makes them the ideal pillow-filling material for a malleable and supple pillow. Unlike feather and down pillows, which you have to shake regularly to bring them into shape, a millet pillow also remains almost in the specified shape.

Therefore, millet pillows are also recommended by chiropractors for cervical spine syndrome or rheumatism. They also have their full effect as nursing pillows.

millet pillow

Durability and reusability

Although millet is a natural product, it lasts almost as long as synthetic materials. The life of millet as a pillow filling is between 3-5 years. This is a period in which you would also need to replace other pillows that were not made naturally.

After three years at the latest, you should consider replacing or replacing the millet husks inside the pillow.


Millet pillows are an efficient device. They became known above all for their soothing effects on tension and pain when the pillow is used as a replacement for the classic hot water bottle.

But even without suffering from tension, it is worth buying such a pillow. Due to the pillow’s particular climatic and adaptable properties, you really do good to your back and posture while sleeping. A night of restful and balanced sleep and new energy for the next day should be reason enough to buy a millet pillow

Here are two recommended millet pillows:

PineTales, Premium Organic Millet Pillow with Designer Bamboo Pillowcase, by PineTales 

Organic Cotton Zippered Shell with Organic Millet Hull Filling – Made in the USA by Bean Products 

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