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Avoid These Mistakes When You Are Switching To A Raw Diet

Are you making these mistakes by switching to the raw diet?

Partly or completely switching to a raw diet is one of the most effective and best ways to improve your health. But just because you’re on raw food does not automatically mean that you will become right away like a superhero.

As everywhere, there are mistakes here that can lead to problems. These raw food mistakes are sometimes obvious, sometimes not. Unfortunately, most mistakes come from misinformation and ignorance. 

In the begin when switching to a  raw diet you can do a lot wrong.

For example, eating too much, too little, wrong combination, or too greasy food. Good to have the right information. Here are some mistakes you can avoid when switching to a  raw food diet. So you save time and can feel much earlier all the wonderful benefits that this natural diet gives you.

Avoid These Mistakes When You Are Switching To A Raw Diet

Avoid wrong food combinations

Do you feel well and energized after a raw meal and do you feel mentally fit and focused? Or does your blood sugar go crazy and you are getting hungry again 30 minutes after eating? Do you feel weak, tired, sleepy, thirsty, and can not concentrate?

If you have a bloated stomach after eating, a heavy stomach, or are mentally fogged and not really fit, then you could benefit from the right food combination. It can also help you to relieve your liver, lose weight, get clean skin, and better sleep. It can make you feel better in many aspects.


All these super delicious gourmet raw food recipes, like cheese, pies, pizzas, brownies? Better cut them off your daily diet because even if raw. they are not really healthy. Most recipes like the above treats consist of 2 main ingredients: sugar and fat.

Sugar should come from a valuable source such as fresh fruit and less processed products such as dried fruit or agave syrup. Fat comes mostly from avocados, nuts, seeds, oil, or coconut. And what’s wrong with that?

Simple carbohydrates like bananas take much less time for digestion than greasy things like nuts. A large fruit meal takes less than an hour to digest, while greasy food takes several hours.

If you eat both sugar and fat together, the fat slows down the digestion of the sugar, which can lead to fermentation, indigestion, and a bloated abdomen.

In addition, many poorly combined raw food recipes are too complex for the digestive tract and contain too many dried and concentrated ingredients. The best recipes are simple and ideally have a maximum of 3 ingredients. This is easier to digest.

Do not eat to much fat

Nuts and seeds are wonderful and contain a lot of healthy ingredients. But they are too fatty. Too many of them can make you feel heavy and sluggish. If you keep the nut consumption under control then everything is fine.

Therefore, be careful when eating raw cheesecake, raw desserts in general, and raw cheeses.

Do not snack too much in between

Pay attention to the right combination and limit the fat intake. If you still suffer from gas and bloating the reason may be the snack between meals. Even a small snack consisting of one or two apples shortly after a big banana meal can affect digestion.

You may need larger or more nutrient-rich main meals. Just add an extra portion of fruit and greens to your fruit meal and eat plenty of it until you feel no need to snack in between meals.

Do not  eat too much at once

You should only eat when you are hungry. not out of boredom, fun, social or emotional reasons.  The stomach may just not have enough digestive juices and your digestive system is overstrained.

Also, dehydrated snacks, dehydrated raw bread, and dried fruit are incredibly tasty and healthier than junk food. But the maximum benefits you get from really fresh foods. Important, try to avoid packaged food as much as possible.

Fruits give our body energy, detoxify and make us happy. If you want to achieve health benefits with raw food, you need fresh natural, ripe, raw, tasty, nutrient-rich fruits. Make sure that the fruits are as organic as possible, locally grown, seasonal, and ripe.

Eat enough greens

One of the most serious mistakes of raw foodists is not eating enough green leafy vegetables and wild herbs.

Green leafy vegetables and wild herbs get lots of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. Every day properly combined green smoothies are the perfect solution for balanced nutrition.

Don’t get obsessed

Many raw food eaters try to get raw in a too-short time. They do not give their bodies enough time to get used to such radical change.

It does not have to be 100% raw all the time.  Just relax and take your time. You are on the right path.

Plan your meals for the next few days, you feel safer when you know what to eat for breakfast, like a fruit meal at lunchtime a big green smoothie, and in the evening a broccoli salad, for example.

Eating on the go requires prior planning. Prepare something delicious on the go that is easy to carry and filling.

If you bring more fresh and living food to your body, it starts with an intensive cleansing program.

Finally, he does not have to struggle with artificial, unnatural garbage. Therefore, you should definitely support your body in the discharge of the toxins. Otherwise, the conversion process can lead to headaches, depression, dizziness, or other unpleasant symptoms.

Switching to a raw food diet requires knowledge, mindfulness, and discipline.

If you want to achieve fantastic results by switching to a raw food diet in the long term, you should limit the consumption of Hybrid fruits and vegetables as well as fatty and dehydrated food, Make good food combinations and take care of the sequence, increase the number of greens and be prepared.

What else can you eat? Seasonal regional fruits such as (apples, pears, plums, cherries, strawberries), vegetables (all types of cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes), green leafy lettuce, and wild herbs, nuts and seeds, avocados, and much more.

If you are switching to a raw diet, please keep these suggestions in mind and avoid mistakes.

To your health and vitality!


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