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Foods That Can Help You With Digestive Problems

Foods that will help you with digestive problems

Digestive problems are common. What we eat can be the cause. But often, the problems also come after the use of medicaments, especially antibiotics. However, these drugs kill the bacteria responsible for the disease and many other microorganisms in the body, which can upset the delicate balance in the gut.

There is no other drug that affects the microbiome in the same way that antibiotics do. It takes about half a year to recover from a broad-spectrum antibiotic. The right food can support regeneration well. Some foods can help with your intestinal problems.

Intestinal discomfort: Many people suffer from these common complaints: gas, constipation, and diarrhea. The right food can help your intestinal flora. Simple home remedies can help with colon cleansing.

digestive problems

Problem zone colon 

The main job of the intestine is to digest the food we eat. It defends against pathogens and regulates the uptake and release of water. Various hormones, such as estrogen, are also produced there. The intestine and the intestinal flora it contains also play a significant role in our immune system.

Eliminate bowel problems

The intestines need time to digest meals. You can support it during the food intake by eating in peace and enjoying the meals.
When the intestine doesn’t work as it should, symptoms like gas, cramps, or nausea can occur. The causes for this can be very different. Frequent triggers of such complaints can be food intolerance, incorrect eating habits, but also stress.
In the mornings, your intestines work exceptionally well and are happy with valuable vitamins, protein, and fiber, which they can best utilize during this time. Take advantage of this knowledge and start your day with a good breakfast. But lunch should not be underestimated either: Even if many people do not eat their main meal until the evening, the intestines can digest much better at noon.

For those with a sweet tooth: It is best to snack right after lunch and not challenge your bowels during their breaks with a few candies. Also, support your body by consuming enough water.

Support your intestinal flora.

To support your intestinal flora and protect yourself from intestinal problems, you can use foods like:

Cabbage detoxifies the intestines

Many types of cabbage are not always popular but have a very positive effect on intestinal flora. They reduce harmful or toxin-producing intestinal bacteria. From broccoli to Brussels sprouts to pak choi, it doesn’t matter which type of cabbage you eat.

Millet supports healthy and regular digestion.

Millet does not contain gluten and is, therefore, ideal for allergy sufferers and people with food intolerances. The healthy grain is also suitable for gastrointestinal problems because of its easy digestibility.

Sourdough against harmful bacteria

Sourdough contains a bacterium called “Lactobacillus reuteri,” which has a probiotic effect. Therefore Sourdough bread can help fight, inhibit, or kill harmful bacteria in the intestines. It also may help against salmonella infections, for example, and the risk of stomach ulcers.

Walnuts help blood vessels.

The nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the inner walls of our blood vessels. They can also inhibit so-called Clostridium bacteria.

Kiwis support the digestive process.

They also help with the digestive process and, thanks to their many vitamins and antioxidants, have an antibacterial effect.

And many will like this one: 

Dark chocolate for good nerves and muscles

We already know that it is high in magnesium. So it is suitable for nerves and muscles, helps with stress, and tastes great. Even iron and zinc are present in cocoa. But digestion also benefits from the snack because, in moderation, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the metabolism.

Juices stabilize your intestines.

Juices and smoothies are always good for the intestines; cranberry juices, pomegranate juices, or grape juices are available to stabilize and improve the intestinal wall and can help with digestive problems.

For colon cleansing:

You can use natural home remedies

However, you can also strengthen your intestinal flora in other ways. For example, by starting to clean the intestines with flea seeds, flax seeds, wheat bran, or the like, for example.

Maybe consult a doctor because these products have a laxative effect in larger quantities. A “detox” can be the cure for the health of your intestines from the ground up.

Get your digestive problems under control.

To do this, small changes in your diet are often enough. Try to eat slowly and calmly to give your stomach time for digestion. Avoid unnecessary snacking to protect your stomach and intestines. You should include foods like sourdough, cabbage, dark chocolate, juices, walnuts, and kiwi fruit in your eating plan if you want to get rid of your bowel problems as quickly as possible.

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Recipes That Can Help You With Digestive Problems


Foods That Can Help You With Digestive Problems

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Foods That Can Help You With Digestive Problems

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Foods That Can Help You With Digestive Problems

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Foods That Can Help You With Digestive Problems



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