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Millet The Happy Grain That Can Make You Feel Good

Why do we call Millet the happy grain?

We call Millet the happy grain because it is easily digestible.
Millet is a cereal. It is available in the organic store and versatile. Since Millet is particularly easy to digest, this grain is perfect for entry into the wholesome kitchen. Therefore, anyone who has just begun to incorporate cereal grains into their diet will not be able to get past Millet.

Good mood with Millet

Millet is not only easy to digest, but it also has many other great qualities that make it worthwhile to include Millet in your diet:
The share of zinc and other essential trace elements such as iron, silicon, Millet is a must in the cold autumn and winter days. When it’s dark outside, the vital millet substances make you happy. Good to have Millet, the happy grain in your kitchen.

Millet provides vitamins

Millet also contains some essential vitamins (like B1, B2, B6) and contains iron. All these excellent vital substances provide our bodies with high energy. Especially when the cold season has arrived.

Millet  makes happy sweet or spicy

You can do a lot with Millet. Because Millet is a universal grain. This “good mood cereal” can be used both savory and sweet or as a breakfast.

Millet flakes can be quickly processed into millet pancakes or mixed into muesli for breakfast. You can find often tasty recipes on the packaging of millet flakes. Also, you can produce quickly a delicious porridge, much like oatmeal porridge from Millet flakes.

How to prepare Millet

You can prepare Millet grains like rice, which is why it can be a great accompaniment to salads or even served with vegetables like a bowl of vegetable rice.

The millet grains themselves should be washed with hot water before preparation to optimize the taste. Then either cook the Millet grains a, or you prepare the grain as millet porridge.

Cooking Millet: boil 1 cup of Millet in 2 cups of boiling salted water for 5 minutes, then let it swell for 30 minutes.

Cook millet porridge: boil 1 cup of Millet in 3 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes, then let it swell for 30 minutes.
You also can follow the preparation instructions on the packaging.

Recipes with Millet the happy grain

Creamy Millet porridge with Roasted Strawberries

millet the happy grain

This creamy millet porridge has long been a favorite. Add your favorite toppings including fruit, nuts, and seeds then you’ve got a filling, nutrient-dense breakfast.

Healthy Millet Porridge | Savoury Porridge recipe 

Light & Airy Millet Sandwich Bread {gluten free}

millet the happy grain

This gluten-free Light & Airy Millet Sandwich Bread is ideal not only for sandwiches but for making croutons for stuffing or dressing during the holiday season. The bread is not only light and airy, but it is also moist! Plus, it tastes great. It is super easy to throw together when the mood strikes for homemade gluten-free yeast bread, too. The recipe does not require a huge chunk of time to prepare which is a major bonus.

Millet Cookies

Millet is considered a  non-allergenic food and so is a great food for kids who may have food allergies. And Millet is loaded with nutrients and using it in a cookie is a great food for an evening snack for kids and a guilt-free snack for adults!

Millet Upma | Foxtail Millet Recipe


Millet Pulav VIDEO Recipe

Tehri is a mildly spiced one Pot, Turmeric Rice with vegetables. Healthy Foxtail Millet Tehri is a version that uses Millets instead of Rice.
Further information and recipes with Millet



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