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Enjoy The Most Colorful Vegan Recipes

 A Rainbow of Recipes

These colorful vegan recipes are truly a rainbow of color and are artful pictures created with food. The Australian food blogger Anthea loves to create colorful plant-based food.

She believes colorful and natural food is good for our souls. Therefore, she is on a journey to nourish herself with nature’s gift of plants and vegetables, vegan food, which does not harm animals, and she is a master in preparing the most beautiful colorful food ever.

Time to start preparing these colorful vegan recipes to nourish ourselves and our souls with food and Rainbow colors.


The Most Colorful Vegan Recipes


A boost of color never hurts, does it?!
The things that I make don’t always come out like beautiful rainbows. This is a perfect analogy for life (well, at least mine at the moment, hur hur hur) – the efforts you put into something don’t always mean that thing will turn out amazingly. Plop.
However, in this case, after five determined, persistent, and delicious attempts at variations of this recipe, I FINALLY came up with this spot-on beauty.

Vegan Rainbow Lasagne


The Most Colorful Vegan Recipes

Veggie-packed vegan rainbow lasagne! Vegan comfort food which happens to be wholesome and healthy. The colors make it the perfect dinner centerpiece too!


Rainbow roast vegetable sandwich

The Most Colorful Vegan Recipes

Epic vegan-friendly sandwich packed with roast vegetables, avocado, and pesto.

Deep dish falafel pizza

Unique deep dish pizza with a beetroot hummus filling and falafel base. Healthy and low fat.INSTRUCTIONS > Here


The Most Colorful Vegan Recipes

Veggie Pita Pizza topped with lots of vegetables, sweet caramelized onions, and pesto with even more vegetables. Vegan-friendly, quick, easy, and gluten-free!


Loaded hummus platter 3 ways

This loaded hummus platter is just perfect for the festive season around the corner! It features 3 hummus dips, each with a unique twist, and will make you never want ordinary hummus again!



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