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Barbecue Season For Vegan Sometimes Sucks But Not For You

Barbecue season for vegan sucks? Not for you!

No Barbecue season, no fun? It has not to be like this. There are ways to make the barbecue season for vegan fun. It does not take much work and is possible.

Here we found some awesome suggestions for you. Plant-based and colorful recipes are here for you in videos which show how to make barbecue season for vegan or vegetarian a pleasure.

You only need to change the ingredient a little bit to convert it into vegan style. Suggestions are here in the recipes and videos.

Enjoy and make it a barbecue season with fun!

Barbecue Season For Vegan Sometimes Sucks But Not For You

If you’re veggie or vegan, the barbecue season can suck.

Typical grilling grub is usually burgers, sausages, chicken, maybe some fish or pork if you’re feeling adventurous.

Vegans want none of that – but they still want to come to the party.

And that’s good – because we have found tons of ways vegans can still join in.

DJ BBQ, aka Christian Stevenson, says:


Here’s a comforting, delicious and healthy meat-free meal idea that everyone will love.It’s packed with nutritious beans, rich and flavoursome veg then served with baked sweet potato, cheesy croutons and a drizzle of yoghurt [vegan dairy options available].


I’m not a herbivore, but I like to cater for all y’all and I especially like to use my BBQ!

So I’ve collaborated with Ireland’s happiest twins: The Happy Pear!


I like to take these babies and smoosh as many flavours into them as possible.

Getting that crispy crunch is so perfect it brings a tear to my eye, (or maybe that was the chili!).

Get cooking people!

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