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How High-Fiber Foods Help To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Can eating High-fiber foods reduce stress and anxiety in the body?

Reduce stress and anxiety with the food you eat. Science is increasingly investigating the intestine, its inhabitants, and its effect on our immune system, with many excellent insights.

The intestine plays a central role in our health.

The intestine is our abdominal brain, just as well connected and structured as our brain in the head. Also, more than 70 percent of the body’s immune cells are in the gut. Many autoimmune diseases, therefore, start in a disturbed intestinal flora. Accordingly, if attacked by medication, we get sick.

There is evidence that a disturbed intestinal flora can even cause autism. Depression can also be triggered by inflammation in the bowel that then travels to the brain. 

Now, researchers at University College Cork have found in a study that eating high-fiber foods reduces stress in the body. The reason for this is in the many short-chain fatty acids in fiber. If we lack these short-chain fatty acids over a more extended time, the intestine functions less effectively and becomes leaky.

It enables undigested food particles, bacteria, and germs to get into the bloodstream and cause long-lasting inflammation. The leaky gut syndrome can develop, which can lead to more severe illnesses.

Short-chain fatty acids 

The researchers were able to show in mice that a diet with short-chain fatty acids leads to less anxiety and depressive behavior. The animals were more sociable and had better cognitive abilities. They also speculate that short-chain fatty acids reduce anxiety in the brain.

There is only a little research to date on the decisive roles that short-chain fatty acids still play. However, previous research into short-chain fatty acids has shown that they can play a crucial role in preventing or treating certain types of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

They found that the butyrate, which short-chain fatty acids contain and acetate and propionate, keeps the cells in the colon healthy and prevents the growth of tumors.

Types of fiber

(source Healthline)

The following types of fiber are best for the production of short-chain fatty acids in the colon (10Trusted Source11Trusted Source):

  • Inulin: You can get inulin from artichokes, garlic, leeks, onions, wheat, rye, and asparagus.
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS): FOS are found in various fruits and vegetables, including bananas, onions, garlic, and asparagus.
  • Resistant starch: You can get resistant starch from grains, barley, rice, beans, green bananas, legumes, and potatoes that have been cooked and then cooled.
  • Pectin: Good sources of pectin include apples, apricots, carrots, oranges, and others.
  • Arabinoxylan: Arabinoxylan is found in cereal grains. For example, it is the most common fiber in wheat bran, making up about 70% of the total fiber content.
  • Guar gum: Guar gum can be extracted from guar beans, which are legumes

High-fiber foods, such as fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains, encourage the production of short-chain fatty acids. Read more here

Eat plants and reduce stress and anxiety

The intestine is and will remain an exciting area of ​​research. Since we can find fiber only in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, a plant-based diet contributes a lot to our physical and mental health through a healthy intestine. If that’s not an argument in favor of increasingly vegan nutrition in our stressful times: Eating plants against stress.

Avoid Junk food, sweets, and processed products with lots of preservatives, ready-made meals, too much coffee, little water. Calm your mind instead.

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High-fiber food Recipes

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How High-Fiber Foods Help To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

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