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How To Make Delicious Warm Raw Soup The Easy Way

Make Delicious Warm Raw Soup

Would you like to eat raw soup but are more in the mood for warm meals? Do you think you have to cook your soup in the cold time of the year? Is your mixer therefore often at home unused?

Then mix delicious soup in autumn and winter with only a little time and effort.  You can use your mixer to make tasty, healthy raw soups.

A blender gives you preparation options that you may not have tried.

Warm Raw Soup

High-performance mixers have a lot of power.  In a short time, they can make smoothies, Muse, sauces, and juices from raw ingredients. Also, you can even prepare hot soups with them, which is a lesser-known added value. We mean here actually hot soups you can make from raw ingredients, using only the high-performance mixer instead of a stove!

The reason why a high-performance mixer can make warm or even hot soups is its enormous engine power. Because of the high speeds, not only are the ingredients finely crushed,  it also generates a lot of heat. Therefore, raw food eaters make sure that they never mix their ingredients in the blender too long, because, in the case of raw food diets, foods should only be heated to about 42 degrees. Friends of hot soups take advantage of this effect. Some high-performance mixers, even offer automatic soup programs!

Warming Raw Soup in no time

To make hot soups in the high-performance mixer, put the raw ingredients including spices and water to the blender jar and mixe for about 5-10 minutes at the highest power level. You can check how warm the content in the mixing bowl is. After only a few minutes, the ingredients begin to steam and reach temperatures of 100 degrees. You make fresh, steaming soups fast and with less effort!

Please note that the production of hot soup only works in powerful high-performance mixers. Classic household mixers or hand blenders usually do not have the power needed and may break. Please pay attention to the operating instructions and warranty of your mixer to avoid damage!

Raw food soups you can generally prepare very quickly and easily. The appropriate ingredients are added to the blender and then just mixed. Raw food soups taste cold as well as warm. If you want to prepare a warm soup, add a little bit of heated water or let the blender run for about 3 minutes, t the contents warm up. Gentler and faster, however, is the addition of warm water.

Ways to prepare warm soup 

Full-value method: first steam the main ingredients and then mix for 5-10 minutes

Raw food method: Blend all ingredients for 3 – 5 minutes in a blender to raw food quality under 42 degree

 Method for easier digestion

In this method, we combine steaming with mixing. First of all: we steam hard-to-digest ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkins, onions, or garlic and then mix everything together in the blender for 5-10 minutes. This makes the soup nice and warm, the spices can develop, but not many vitamins are lost as with the classic cooking method.

Advantages: Slightly shorter cooking time than with the classic cooking method. Low vitamin loss than the cooking method

Disadvantage: The taste can be a little unusual, you have to get used to it. The soups taste a bit “pure”.

Method for raw warm soup

In this method, food is not heated above 42 degrees Celsius. Why? Because of this temperature, heat-sensitive substances (such as vitamin C, chlorophyll, or unsaturated fatty acids) are destroyed and their content in the diet decreases.

Is there a disadvantage? Yes, some people do not like raw food dishes so well because digestion requires more digestive power. In addition, the theory contradicts the Eastern dietary teachings such as Ayurvedic Nutrition or Traditional Chinese Medicine, which says, “You are what you can digest and absorb.”  Some people may want to eat more raw food, some not. You have to find that out for yourself.

Advantage:  Fastest preparation No vitamin loss.

Disadvantage:  Not all people tolerate raw food soups as more digestive power is needed. Especially Vata or Vata Pitta types according to Ayurveda should rather use the other method.

Make Delicious Warm Raw Soup The Easy Way

Creamy Pumpkin Turmeric Soup (Raw & Vegan)

This recipe is perfect for those pumpkin leftovers! With only a few ingredients plus spices you have a super tasty, creamy, healthy, nutritious raw soup. I usually do not like raw soups but this recipe I absolutely love; the texture and spice are just right. Plus I added Turmeric so it also reduces inflammation and adds tons of nutrients.

Raw Cream of Spinach Soup

This soup is great because it is nice and creamy while still being packed with spinach.

Raw Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

This Raw Lectin-Free Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup just doesn’t get any easier than this!

Warm Home-Made RAW Vegetable Soup

I was feeling a bit like wanting ‘soup’ today, probably the change in temperature outside, so I decided to make My Mother’s Home Made Soup Recipe, but without the Animal ‘Soup’ Bones.

Quick Carrot, Sweet Potato & spinach

Another great raw filling soup for you.  This carrot and sweet potato soup with spinach is absolutely gorgeous and the glowing color looks really inviting.


The cumin and sea salt are very important in this recipe, so make sure you have added enough of both of these to bring out the flavor of this soup.

Warming Carrot Ginger Soup 

Have you been thinking of giving the raw food lifestyle a try, but are you afraid that it will be too cooling for your body during these colder winter months? It is perfectly possible.

How to Make Soup in a Blender | Serve Fresh or Hot with Seasonal Produce

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We bought one and used this blender. She is right 🙂 It works amazing.

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