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3 Raw Soup Recipes Will Make You Cozy And Warm

Raw food soup recipes warming in the cold time

Here are 3 Raw  Soup Recipes for you to warm up when it is cold. Fall and Winter is the time we like to eat comforting warming Soup. These Recipes are a delicious addition to your menu. And with a Vitamix Blender or Food processor, it is possible to prepare these soups easily and fast whenever you crave a soup.

Like a creamy miso soup with mushrooms, Cauliflower cream, and this beautiful colored Avocado Coconut soup.

If it is cold and uncomfortable outside. This is exactly the right time to supply the body with valuable minerals, vitamins, and the like! Raw food in winter is varied and exciting at the same time. Have you ever tried a warm raw food quality soup? It is delicious, warming and very healthy!

Good to have the ingredients handy if unexpected guests are coming or your kids need a fast snack. Enjoy these quick and easy to make raw soup recipes  🙂


<3 Raw Soup Recipes Will Make You Cozy And Warm

Where to begin with this soup except to start by saying how incredibly good it was. I’ve been wanting to do a raw miso soup and came across this recipe in my Matthew Kenney, Everyday Raw Express, recipe book. The only changes I made were adding red pepper flakes & baby bella mushrooms to the mushroom mix, as well as using hemp hearts instead of pine nuts in the soup base. It was delicious!
Raw Creamy Miso Soup with Mushrooms Go here for the instuctions>Raw Creamy Miso Soup with Mushrooms


Raw Cauliflower Creme Soup


Raw Cauliflower Creme Soup

What if I mix almonds and cauliflower? Mmmm, yummy! It turned out creamy and rich in flavors. It is the perfect winter time cozy warm lunch. So, so good!


Super Dreamy Raw Avo-Coco Soup!

3 Raw Soup Recipes Will Make You Cozy And Warm

This is a super simple recipe that you will dream about. Avo-Coco Soup is light, fluffy, silky, dreamy, and loaded with healthy-deliciousness from healthy-fat rich avocado and potassium-rich fresh young coconut.

Super Dreamy Raw Avo-Coco Soup! Avocado + Coconut {video}

Get the full recipe and video here> Super Dreamy Raw Avo-Coco Soup! Avocado + Coconut {video}


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