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Salsify The Healthy Root Vegetables From The Earth

Do you know Salsify the healthy delicious vegetable?

Salsify the healthy root is coming from the earth to your plate: The roots are often called “asparagus of winter.” Why this is so, shows only when they are cleaned and peeled: Than white, the aromatic root comes to light. The winter vegetables belong to the dandelion family.

Salsify The Healthy Root Vegetables From The Earth

What you need to know about Salsify the Black Root

The Salsify species, which are widespread in Europe and Asia, also include the garden Salsify, which some may know as winter root vegetables. The herbaceous plant has a root, which is edible. The Root has a dark black shell. But underneath it, there is beautiful white flesh.

The garden Salsify is native to Spain and arrived there from Central Europe in the 17th century. The Salsify thrives best in loose, sandy soils. If you want to grow in your garden, take care, don’t break off or hurt it; otherwise, the milky juice escapes and the Root dries up quickly. Although often cooks compare the Salsify to asparagus because of its appearance when peeled, it has its own, mild-nutty flavor. Their texture is reminiscent of carrots.

Salsify the healthy root is real power vegetable

The Root is a veritable undercover vegetable: Apart from beans and peas, no vegetables contain more nutrients. Particularly noteworthy is the high content of inulin in Salsify. This fiber is soluble and invigorates the intestinal flora and fat metabolism. With only 17 kilocalories per 100 grams, the Salsify is extremely figure-friendly and should be in any conscious diet. The Salsify has the content of potassium, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and vitamin E, nitrate, and iron. The vegetables also contain 1.3 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates, and 17 grams of fiber. Incidentally, the percentage of fat in the rods of black SalsifySalsify is only 0.4 grams and, therefore, very low. Salsify brings a lot of benefits.

As a remedy, the Salsify is also a real power vegetable. It not only has a relaxing effect and promotes healthy sleep, but the Root is also ideal as a light diet for the sick: The Salsify detoxifies the liver and stimulates the formation of red blood cells. At the same time, it supports the kidneys

How to store the Salsify root?

Undamaged  Salsify you can store for several weeks. For example, in a cold cellar, in a wooden box covered with sand, the vegetables last up to 3 weeks. Store in the refrigerator washed in a newspaper or a damp kitchen towel; they stay fresh for up to 1 week.

The preparation of Salsify

If you want to cook the Salsify you should first clean thoroughly. It is best to scrub the root under clear, running water until no more sand and dirt remains. Then you can peel the Salsify The easiest way to do that is with an asparagus peeler. The exuding milky juice is fresh, but sticks and can discolor the hands.

To prevent that the roots get brownish, you should immediately put them in lemon or vinegar water. This way, they remain appealing white until serving. Rather than peeling raw Salsify, you can choose to blancher the cleaned vegetable about 20 minutes long in the water. After quenching under cold water, you can easily peel off the shell and prevent discoloration of the hands.

Salsify recipes for a tasty experience of the healthy root

]You can prepare the vegetables and cook a stew, and serve with sauce hollandaise. But you can also enjoy the root vegetables in many other ways. For example, it goes well with pasta or risotto. Cut into pens and deep-fried, the Salsify is a delicate and low-carbohydrate alternative to French fries and even mashed into a creamy soup it is delicious. No matter what you chose,  Salsify recipes will inspire you.

Recipes of Salsify The Healthy Root Vegetables


Vegan Black Salsify Fritters

Salsify The Healthy Root Vegetables From The Earth
Fritters made from black salsify, parsley, and dried bread crumbs.

Black salsify is an interesting, forgotten root vegetable. It has a very mild flavor, some say it resembles asparagus. Enjoy these fritters!

Oven-Roasted Salsify Soup

Caramelized Salsify

Salsify The Healthy Root Vegetables From The Earth
Caramelized black salsify on a serving dish.

See how delicious this forgotten vegetable is. It has a very mild flavor, rather like mild asparagus. This is an easy dish to prepare and quite tasty.


tVegetables From The Earth

Roasted black salsify with caper and chives is a simple vegan side dish.


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