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Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Vegan Grill  Recipes for an easy start to the BBQ Season

Vegan grill recipes?  Do some people think being Vegan and grilling does not fit together? They wonder if you are really serious when you say that! Here we will introduce a variety of delicious vegan grill recipes that will convince anybody to the contrary. As you can see, there are numerous BBQ recipes that are completely vegan! Who wants to grill vegan must not only eat tofu sausages. We have delicious recipes, including veggies, salads, vegetable skewers, vegan marinades, and sauces. and veggie burgers that won’t crumple on the BBQ.

Vegetables from the grill have a great smoky taste and are really good. This makes grilling fun. If you are keen on experimenting, try seitan or tempeh as an alternative to tofu. You will definitely taste the difference. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse preparation possibilities. Look at the astounding variety of Vegan grill recipes. Try it for your next grill party.

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Spicy Grilled Cauliflower Summer Bowl 

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

This Spicy Grilled Cauliflower Summer Bowl is a fresh, tasty dish made with spicy grilled cauliflower, a fresh salad, and black rice tossed with a refreshing mint coriander oil.



Black Bean Tempeh Burgers

Thanks to a smart blend of black beans and tempeh, the texture of these burgers is the bomb diggity. With only seven ingredients, you too can mow one of these monsters down in no time. (via Wholesome Soybean)

Grilled Eggplant Stack With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Kick off your summer cookout with this deliciously tasty and easy to make Grilled Eggplant Stack! Slice eggplant, season with paprika, and then grill until it begins to crisp. Layer with a savory roasted red pepper sauce and served with simple sides of corn and sliced avocado.

The Amazing Black Bean Burger

 Hearty black beans and oats keep these patties together for a veg burger that won’t crumble at first bite. Packed with umami-rich flavors, these will be your Meatless Monday grillin’ go-to. (via Nourish Atelier)


Grilled Vegan Portobello Burger With Black Bean-Beet Patty


Grilled Vegan Portobello Burger With Black Bean-Beet Patty: Ruby-hued patties are nestled between two grilled portobello caps for the ultimate low-carb burger option. Smother it with hummus for extra protein. (via Nutriplanet)

Grilled Vegetable, Olive Flatbread, and Hummus Plate 

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

This Mediterranean-inspired Grilled Vegetable, Olive Flatbread, and Hummus Plate is the perfect summer meal for serving outside on warm evenings. The flavors of the grilled spelt flatbread flavored with olives and herbs, quick and easy hummus, and grilled hummus and zucchini all work in harmony together. Marinated lives and juicy cherry tomatoes on the side add more color and flavor to the plate. Serve with a big, green salad on the side with plates,

Mediterranean Grilled Chickpea-Stuffed Avocados

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

You’ll be using your grill two ways in these Mediterranean Grilled Chickpea-Stuffed Avocados: for cooking up some crispy chickpeas, and for getting perfect grill marks on avocado halves! As if avocados themselves couldn’t be any better, right? The grilled avocado halves are stuffed with a colorful mixture of tomato, cucumber, grilled chickpeas and drizzled with a generous amount of tasty tahini sauce.

Za’atar Grilled Eggplant Salad 

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

This fresh, summery Za’atar Grilled Eggplant Salad combines soft grilled eggplants and lots of fresh herbs. Make a big batch since cold leftovers make great pita fillings with hummus and extra greens. Serve with a big squeeze of lemon for a refreshing kick.


Rainbow Vegetable Burgers

This jaw-dropping vegan burger is *brimming* with veggies and protein. Using chickpeas for binding, the patties are spiced to perfection for a meal that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. (via Wholesome Patisserie)

Chili Lime Lentil Tacos With Spicy Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Who ISN’T a fan of tacos? These spicy, sweet, and filling Chili Lime Lentil Tacos are not only packed with protein from lentils, but they go the extra mile with a salsa made from grilled peppers, onions, and pineapple. They’re awesome on their own, but taste even better with a dollop of vegan sour cream or mashed avocado.

Tofu Bánh Mì Vegan Sliders

Tofu Bánh Mì Vegan Sliders: Vietnamese-inspired sliders put a fab spin on the bánh mì sandwich as we know it.  (via The Stingy Vegan)

Grilled Sweet Potato Boats With Black Bean Mango Salsa

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Looking for an easy meal to enjoy with company? Try these Grilled Sweet Potato Boats With Black Bean Mango Salsa! No flipping necessary or poking. No nothing. Just stand around and enjoy your company. Serve this as a side dish or as a light main dish over a bed of kale.

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Masala Burgers

If this platter doesn’t make you swoon, we give up. Spiced with fragrant and flavorful Indian spices, these glorious burgers are fiery, tangy, and just a little bit messy — how a burger should be! (via Turmeric n’ Spice)

Grilled Chicken of the Woods Sandwich

Chicken of the Woods is a mushroom also known by its fancy name, Laetiporus. It’s a bright orangey-yellow shelf mushroom with a texture similar to chicken and a soft, lemony scent. In this awesome Grilled Chicken of the Woods Sandwich, these tasty mushrooms are cooked in a cast-iron skillet with seasoning until golden and crispy before being baked in the oven. You can assemble the sandwich any way you like — with vegan cheese, onions, greens, etc… You’ll be amazed by just how chicken-like this sandwich tastes.

Grilled Apricot and Endive Salad

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

For a delicate dish with citrusy notes, look no further than this Grilled Apricot and Endive Salad. Set atop a bed of baby spinach, the bitterness of the endives balances perfectly with the sweet apricots and the apricot-mint dressing ties the whole dish together. Garnish with crushed, toasted hazelnuts for a nice, nutty touch.

Sticky Miso Grilled Veggie Skewers 

Amazing Vegan Grill Recipes To Enjoy The BBQ Season

Kick off barbecue season with some Sticky Miso Grilled Veggie Skewers! Zucchini, mushrooms, and tempeh each bring their own texture in these delicious umami vegetable skewers. The zucchini is soft, the mushrooms are meaty, and the tempeh is firm but meaty. As you grill them, the sticky miso sauce begins to caramelize a little, enhancing its flavor even further. Serve with grains as a main dish or make a bunch for your barbecue.


This vegan barbecue recipe will be your summer party BFF

Photo: Laura Lea Goldberg

Laura Lea Goldberg found a way to get the same taste sans fire, using two all-time (plant-based) favorites, chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Her barbecue loaf recipe from her new cookbook is loaded with protein—in fact, it rivals your classic, carnivore-approved meatloaf in terms of grams of the fueling nutrient.