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All Schools Should Provide Vegan Food To Our Kids Benefit

Schools should go vegan to the benefit of our kids

It would be awesome, all schools should go vegan, our kids would get a better diet in school and learn about whole food. Right now the food choices in the schools are not healthy at all. Many kids have allergies and often eat too many sweets and fast food.

This newly opened vegan school could be an example for other schools to follow. Plant-based food has all nutrition our kids need and parents could feel more secure that the kids eat healthy while in school and not are uncontrolled left alone with poor food choices.

Read below what a former teacher’s opinion is.

All schools should go vegan for the benefit of our kids.

 ‘All schools should go vegan,’ says former teacher after first all-vegan school opens


MUSE School in Calabasas Highlands, . (Credit Image: Dean Musgrove/Los Angeles Daily News/

A former primary school teacher has applauded the first vegan school in the US. Sean O’Callaghan, who goes by the alias Fat Gay Vegan when writing, says MUSE School in California should set an example for all schools to make their menus 100% plant-based. The school in Calabasas was founded by Suzy Amis, the wife of Avatar director James Cameron, and has been making the gradual transition to all-vegan food since June 2014. The Hollywood couple became committed vegans after watching the health documentary Forks Over Knives in 2012. Soon after, Amis announced plans to veganise her school. Sean O’Callaghan goes further in saying that as well as teaching children about true sustainability, an all-vegan school fosters the development of compassion in children, ensures inclusiveness, and optimizes health.

He says:

(Picture: Sean O’Callaghan)

‘As news breaks about a school in the US transforming its food offerings for students into a completely vegan menu, the typical and predictable chorus of disapproval erupts from the usual naysayers. ‘Arguments of students having beliefs forced on them, warnings of a plant-based diet not having enough nutrients and even cries of parents being stripped of their decision-making powers have been some of the reactions to the news out of MUSE School in California. ‘With so many dissenting voices rallying against the school’s decision, I opted to stand up with my top three reasons why I think all schools should take an example from MUSE and transform their canteens into 100% vegan affairs.

‘Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.’

As an ex-school teacher, I know how ingrained ideas of compassion and empathy are in curriculum and learning. ‘Children of all ages and in all settings are constantly asked to consider how their actions affect those around them. ‘Why not take this approach and apply it to the food the children are served every single day? ‘Young people want to have their eyes opened to how the world works and connecting food choices with how animals are treated is the perfect opportunity for extending lessons on treating others with kindness.’


‘I don’t think many people want young children to feel excluded in their school environment. ‘Serving a plant-based menu is the perfect and simplest way to ensure all students are included during meal services. ‘Take meat, dairy, and eggs from a menu and the food is instantly more suitable for the majority of the cohort. ‘A clever kitchen manager can ensure nobody is excluded based on dietary choices, religious observance, or ingredient sensitivity simply by employing a thoughtful vegan menu.’

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