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The Advantage of Growing Vegetables and Herbs in a Home Garden

What is the benefit of self-sufficiency in your home or terrace garden?

You can bring a variety of fresh foods to the table from your home garden.
Being able to provide at least partly for yourself with your garden is a widespread wish. Gardening is also becoming increasingly popular in cities, where garden space is often limited.

home garden
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Fortunately, more and more people think about from where their fruit and vegetables come.

When you grow vegetables and fruit in your garden, you not only ensure that you eat healthily. With a look behind the scenes of commercial vegetable and fruit growing, it becomes clear that you are also contributing to protecting the environment.
Due to incorrect management and overexploitation, the soil is at risk, and the food supply guarantees are also at risk. Industrial agriculture withdraws nutrients from the soil.

It can save transport distances of thousands of kilometers if we produce fresh, regional fruits and vegetables. Even better is if people grow food in their gardens and know precisely how the plants have been fertilized or sprayed.

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Today, what we call organic gardening is nothing more than ancient knowledge about environmentally friendly vegetable and fruit cultivation; our grandparents or great-grandparents knew what plants protect vegetable crops from pests, and they did not conduct monocultures. It is gardening in harmony with nature. 

If you have your home or terrace garden:

You know what you eat.

With the rise of more and more food scandals in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know how fruit and vegetables in the supermarket are grown.

You depend on the local supermarket chains if you cannot buy directly from the farmer or markets. You can grow vegetables and fruit on your balcony or in the garden with quality seeds, high-quality soil, and free from pesticides.

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Discover the wide varieties.

Nature has far more to offer than the fruit you get in the supermarket. You can get unusual vegetables and fruit from the seeds with your cultivation, which is also possible with many plants in containers on the balcony. Also, you can now grow different varieties that will surprise you. You will learn more about the plants and the seeds and enjoy the bright colors.

Fruit and vegetable plants are sometimes also very decorative. Red strawberries, colorful chilies with purple leaves, and yellow beans add color to the balcony and garden. Also, pretty flowers in a wide variety of tones attract busy bees. You will feel happy in summer on your colorful terrace or garden and get super fresh portions of fruit and vegetables.

home grown

Harvest the amount you need on your balcony or garden, and nothing goes to waste. It is another advantage as the portion sizes in the supermarket are often too large. You can harvest lettuce or herbs as many leaves as you need, fresh and crispy.

Are you already growing your fruit and vegetables, or would you like to start with them for the first time this year?

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The true solution to better health and better food is gardening! Because gardens HEAL.

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