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The best 20 traditional vegan dishes from around the world.

20 most-liked traditional vegan dishes from around the world.

There are delicious and traditional vegan dishes from different countries.
Quality and taste are a priority for the most liked traditional dishes.
Every country has its favorite traditional dishes that you should try.
Also, many of them are already vegan or can easily be converted.

Why are traditional dishes often plant-based?

At the beginning of the 20th century, people primarily had to deal with war and hunger; whatever was available was served: mostly vegetables from the garden or the local farmer. At this time, People ate seldom meat.
With the war’s end, prosperity increased, which was also noticeable in the selection of dishes on the dining table.

Especially in the Western world, People started to eat more meat, and with the increased demand, factory farms appeared. But over the decades, fat became taboo, and consumers looked more for foods as fat-free as possible. Later, sugar and carbohydrates became the enemy. More people had health problems. The vegan movement can change this.

The most-liked traditional dishes prove there is no need for meat to cook delicious food.

Veganism is now a global trend with solid growth.

A healthy diet and health are becoming more and more important. The choice of vegan food is increasing, and supermarket chains have set up areas with vegan food. In addition, the number of purely vegan restaurants in the big cities is increasing.

Let’s embark on a journey into the traditional plant-based cuisines of the world.

Which traditional national dish do you like the most? What do you think is the tastiest international food in the world?

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20 traditional vegan dishes from around the world.


The best 20 traditional vegan dishes from around the world.

Zeytoon Parvardeh is an addictive vegan and gluten-free marinated olives recipe from Iran. This vegan Persian dish you can serve as a side dish or enjoy as a healthy snack.


This vegan guacamole is creamy, tangy, flavorful, and ideal as a dip for raw veggies, tortilla chips, or flatbreads. Quick, easy, and always popular!

#3 Easy Muhammara Dip

Have you ever tried muhammara? It’s a spicy pepper dip that originated from Aleppo, Syria, with one of the key ingredients being Aleppo chili flakes! Think of this dip as a mix of savory, sweet, and smoky with a little spice.


This Indonesian sambal goreng tempeh is spicy, fragrant, and packed with flavors! Pan-fried instead of deep fried, this version is healthier and easier to prepare. All you need is 15 minutes and a handful of ingredients to make this sambal tempeh.  

#5 BadrijaniGeorgian eggplant rolls (nigvziani badrijani)

Today’s recipe is inspired by a Georgian dish known as nigvziani badrijani (stuffed eggplants), which is delicious and very suitable for al fresco cooking so it’s perfect for the BBQ season. Its key ingredients – eggplants, walnuts, garlic, and lemon – happen to be some of my favorites, too so it’s a no-brainer! 


traditional Vegan Dishes

A basic chickpea hummus recipe is handy to have on hand and is so healthy and versatile. It can be used as a dip for vegetables, served with crackers, pita chips, or bread.


Spaghetti aglio e olio is the perfect pasta dish for busy weeknight dinners! The preparation couldn’t be any easier; you only need very basic ingredients, it’s ready in just a little over 10 minutes, and it’s packed with flavor! 

#8 (Tagliatelle ai Funghi) Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Walnuts

traditional Vegan Dishes

This vegan creamy mushroom pasta with walnuts is hands down the best plant-based pasta you’ve ever tasted. This pasta ai funghi only takes 20 minutes to make, but your taste buds will thank you.

#9 Epic Baba Ganoush

traditional Vegan Dishes

We nailed the method and ingredients you see here, and neither of us could stop scooping up more. When you get it right, baba ganoush is irresistibly smooth and luxurious, smoky, and savory.

#10 Lebanese Mujadara

Mujadara is a Middle Eastern lentils and rice recipe with crispy caramelized onions. Just 3 ingredients make an easy vegan, protein-rich meal! If there’s one meal I consider my fallback go-to dish in my kitchen, it’s this authentic mujadara recipe.

#11 Misal Pav

traditional Vegan Dishes

Misal Pav is the ultimate, mouthwatering Bombay street breakfast or snack food. The Misal, a spicy curry, and it’s with sprouted beans and is utterly healthy! Scoop up the Misal with soft bread rolls, called pav, for a delicious and nourishing breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.


traditional Vegan Dishes

Maakouda Batata are delicious little Moroccan potato cakes. They’re a traditional Moroccan street food and you can serve on their own or in sandwiches.

#13 Ardei Copti

The recipe for Romanian style Roasted Pepper Salad, or Salata de Ardei Copti, has been in my family for decades. With its roots embedded in traditional Romanian Cooking, this simple yet easy dish is a “go-to,” or a favorite, of many Romanian-Americans.


Fasole bătută is a creamy Transylvanian vegan white bean purée topped with a pile of sticky, gooey, sweet caramelized onions.

#15 Mini Gimbap (Mayak Gimbap)

traditional Vegan Dishes

This mini gimbap or (kimbap) is so addictive that it’s called mayak gimbap, meaning drug gimbap. It’s minimalist kimbap that’s addictive. Unlike traditional gimbap, this mini gimbap uses minimal ingredients which takes no effort to roll up. 


Bursting with juicy tomatoes, hearty chickpeas, and tender pasta in a light broth, this easy pasta e ceci is the cozy weeknight meal you’ve been looking for. The best part: it all cooks up in one pot in about 45 minutes!


This Fattoush recipe is a delicious and easy to make vegan salad recipe from Lebanon, made with greens, toasted bread, vegetables, and a special Arab spice-Sumac.


traditional Vegan Dishes

Healthy and absolutely delicious Horta recipe (Boiled Greek Wild Leafy Greens) for lovers of Greek cuisine! Horta in Greek literally means “wild greens, and it has been a staple of the Greek Diet since the ancient times

#19 Bruschetta al pomodoro: Tomato bruschetta

This tomato bruschetta recipe you can make simply with ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper on toasted bread. So easy!

#20 Aloo Gobi, spicy cauliflower, and potatoes

traditional Vegan Dishes

Aloo Gobi is a spicy curry of cauliflower and potatoes, and it’s so popular you’re almost certain to find it on the menu of any Indian restaurant anywhere in the world.

Enjoy and try these traditional Vegan Dishes.

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