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Give These Vegan Recipes A Healthy Ayurvedic Touch

 These Ayurvedic Vegan Recipes  have a healthy twist

Ayurvedic Vegan recipes have the right combination of herbs and spices which help us to balance our dosha. It is not as difficult as we think and with these recipes easy to do as you will see. Ayurveda cooking makes our food literally our medicine.

The herbs spices and vegetables are balanced beautifully to keep us healthy. Every vegetable, herb, and spice has its special benefits and in these Ayurvedic vegan recipes are the ingredients combined with the benefit of our health.

Knowing about the ayurvedic science of life is really the way to make our food medicine and it is good to know more about. If you want to find out more read here about What is Ayurveda? and Expand Your Definition of HealthWith Ayurveda

It is interesting and good to know how we can make our food our medicine and how we can take care of our health with the right combination of herbs, spices, vegetables, and other ingredients. Ayurveda is getting more and more popular because it is an ancient way to stay healthy and is proven to work.


Enjoy these Ayurvedic Vegan Recipes, which you may get interested in learning more about.


Green Quinoa Pilaf

This recipe is not only packed with flavor but full of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. It pairs perfectly as a hot side to any main dinner or can be served as a flavorful cold salad on a bed of kale, arugula, or spinach

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Fresh Pesto and Almonds

Almonds are considered one of the most sattvic or pure foods in Ayurveda, enlivening the body’s natural energy and health. This unique way to make pesto adds a healthier kick to the traditional Italian recipe.


Maple Walnut Filo Triangle

This recipe blends sweet flavors, rich coconut, and the heating spices of cinnamon and nutmeg–making it an ideal Vata-balancing dessert, appetizer, or breakfast. Click here

Stir-Fried Asparagus with Sesame Seeds

Give Vegan Recipes An Ayurvedic Touch

Mixed Vegetable Curry |Side-dish for Roti/

Give Vegan Recipes An Ayurvedic Touch

Creamy Sweet Potato Curry

Creamy Sweet Potato Curry

Choose organic ingredients whenever possible.

The Healthy Spice Cabinet: 7 Healing Spices and 2 Recipes

A spice is a dried bark, berry, bud, fruit, root, or seed used to enhance flavor in food and drinks. Spices have also been used medicinally for thousands of years. In fact, many spices were first used as herbal remedies before ever being incorporated into foods.

Throughout history, wars have been waged, trade routes have been established, and new lands have been discovered—all in the name of spices. Marco Polo traded spices during his travels throughout the world. Christopher Columbus was in search of new water routes to find black pepper and cinnamon when he stumbled upon the Americas.

From ancient Egypt to ancient India, from Ayurvedic science to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spices have been used to heal as much as to flavor food. Today, new scientific research backs up many of the old folkloric medicinal uses for spices. Read about here