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Gluten-Free Millet Benefits According To TCM

\What are the health benefits of glute-free Millet?

According to TCM, it has a harmonizing effect.

Millet is gluten-free and was the first cereal in the history of mankind. In many parts of Africa and Asia, Millet still serves today as a staple food, while it is mostly disappeared from the kitchens of the Western world.

Golden Millet, many know the pistons only from bird cages, the most common more related species are Teff and the coix seed (known as Yiyiren in Chinese medicinal herbs teaching).

Gluten-free Millet harmonizes and supports the center

 The support of the digestive organs stomach, spleen, and pancreas, the so-called “center” is always at the center of each dietary regulation. In TCM, the spleen is in contrast to Western medicine directly attributable to the digestive function.

According to Chinese Medicine, the grain has a total valuable property of the two functional groups spleen and stomach (together called” the center”) to strengthen and support their Qi.

That means grain in comparison to many other foods with similar nutritional value is relatively easy to digest, and the body allows a smooth and lasting energy supply.

For this reason, it is usually one of the first and most pressing concerns of a nutritionist, according to the TCM to bring its customers to use more high-quality grain. No easy task, as most of what finds its way into a modern kitchen in cereals is miles apart from the ideal of the ancient Chinese.

Particularly refined wheat flour has none of the positive attributes of cereal, but effects that threaten the long-term health. Due to the unnaturally high amount of gluten, whether whole grain or not, modern wheat represents a heavy burden on the small intestine. This is true not just for people with celiac disease.

In Chinese medicine stresses the functional circuit spleen by dampness and stagnation. Besides, white flour destabilized by the high glycemic index blood sugar levels, which corresponds according to TCM, a weakening of the spleen by an excessively sweet taste. The result is high levels of insulin and sugar cravings.

Compared to this, Millet acts almost like a miracle cure. Gluten-free Millet actually combines all the advantages of grain, which Chinese medicine talks about.

Gluten-free Millet makes a good gut feeling


More and more people complain of indigestion gamut: bloating, fullness and pressure feeling of incomplete or unsatisfactory defecation, constipation, or loose stools. Over time we get used to it, but for many are the unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines a constant companion.

I want to commend it to all of these people, to try Millet, cooked to taste with cooked vegetables, stewed fruit, or eggs. Millet makes a literally excellent gut feeling. In Chinese dietetics, they say millet “harmonizes ” the Qi of the middle and makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the digestion. The stomach qi sinks and the spleen qi ascends.

This function of the gluten-free Millet is precious, especially in the increasingly nervous-related digestive disorders. For people with a weak digestive system, Millet should be as often as possible on the table, especially in the evening when the digestibility of food is essential.

Millet makes you beautiful

Many women take millet capsules to strengthen skin, hair, and nails. This is good because Millet contains easily absorbable nutrients. Thanks to its high content of silica, iron, fluorine, zinc, and B vitamins, it is the wealthiest mineral grain at all.

The Chinese know that Millet strengthens the spleen Qi strengthens the kidneys and nourishes the blood. Interesting for problems with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, a lack of elasticity of blood vessels, susceptibility to disc problems, and wrinkled skin.

The consolidation of the kidney is reflected in the improved strength of teeth and bones. The blood finally provides a better supply of nutrients for skin, nails, and hair. Millet may be swallowed for beauty, but better from the cooking pot and not from capsules.

In the recipe for the anti-wrinkle breakfast, three foods are combined that make it beautiful. Two of them, cooked apples and berries Goji, always have been a beauty-elixir in China, and Millet makes the trio complete.

Millet is particularly beneficial for women during and after menopause. Due to the blood–nourishing, firming kidneys, and cooling effect, it is good food for internal heat, thirst, blood pressure, agitation, or insomnia.

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How to cook gluten-free Millet?

Nothing easier than that. Rinse Millet before cooking with hot water. This improves both taste and digestibility. Then add MilletMillet with two parts water in a pot and boil, then reduce the heat to a minimum and cover the pan. After about 20 minutes, Millet is cooked. Cover and allow continued swelling after cooking for a few minutes.

Instead of the water, you can use broth, milk, or diluted fruit juice. Cooked Millet keeps for 3 days in the refrigerator. If they dry out there, you can still give a little liquid when warming up.

Freshly cooked Millet has a bit of a metallic taste. But if it is cooked warmed again or mixed, Millet develops a lovely mild flavor. Organic Millet tastes better.

Fast millet breakfast with banana and ginger

One banana

1 cup cooked millet (cooked without salt )

½ teaspoon ginger

a few drops of lemon juice

a few raisins

Mash the banana add warm Millet, ginger, and raisins

A Beauty Breakfast

1 apple (organic with skin)

A handful of Goji berries washed and soaked in water

1 cup cooked millet (cooked without salt )

and a pinch of salt

little coconut oil

Cut the apple into slices and fry gently in a bit of coconut oil. Then pour in 1-2 tbsp of water, simmer for a few minutes until it is soft. Add the Goji berries, and let it cook for a moment. Then stir in the Millet and sweet with raisins or dates and serve.

This breakfast includes three of the most effective anti-wrinkle agent of TCM. A culinary Botox

Chinese Fried Millet Recipe from The Tiny Vegan Kitchen

Gluten-Free Millet Benefits According To TCM

Millet, my new love. You can use pretty much any veggies that you like in this millet recipe so long as you use lots of garlic and lots of ginger.

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