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Impress Everyone With These Raw Food Recipes

You can impress your non-raw food friends with these Raw Food Recipes

With these Raw Food Recipes, you can impress everyone. Especially the sweet raw food is awesome and everybody likes sweets. It is so much better for them as well because
no sugar is used, and it is healthy… And you want your friends to stay healthy, don’t you?
They will wonder how delicious raw sweets can be and love them. They sure will come back for more, and you never will need to encourage them anymore.
Get started and invite them to the party.
Have fun!

Use these Raw Food Recipes to impress your friends

Raw Vegan German Chocolate Pie

This delicious and incredibly decadent raw vegan German Chocolate Pie is also naturally gluten-free, paleo, and refined sugar-free.

Raw Chocolate Tartufo 

A perfect “celebration” dessert if you’re looking to serve or share a treat with friends and you don’t want to do cake.

Raw Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are entirely raw (except for the frosting) and super fudgy and rich. They come together in about 20 minutes and require simple ingredients you likely have on hand right now.

These gems are everything you want in a brownie. They’re Rich, Dense, Super fudgy, Studded with walnuts (and cacao nibs) for crunch, Incredibly satisfying, Simple to make, and highly shareable.

Raw Vanilla Drop Cookies

Want To Impress Your Friends ? Use These Raw Food Recipes

Little somethings can ignite a spark of interest, and these raw vanilla drop cookies are the perfect little sweet bombs to drop on your friends’ unsuspecting taste buds. They don’t look like they’re made of raw ingredients, and they don’t look too “raw” daunting for non-raw foodies either.

Their simplicity is exciting. Simply mix tahini, maple syrup, coconut oil, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt together in a bowl until well combined. Add shredded coconut and mix well before scooping drops onto a cookie sheet and freezing for at least half an hour so that they will firm up. It’s best to store these sweet vanilla drops in the freezer (if there’s any left at all).

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake 

Want To Impress Your Friends ? Use These Raw Food Recipes

This raw strawberry cheesecake is 3 layers of pure heaven. It’s ridiculously rich, but in a seriously good way, in the ‘I can’t believe how good this is’ sort of way.

Every layer is pure decadent delight. Smooth, creamy, and sweet with just enough tartness and kick from fresh lemons blended with cashews to give it that fabulous cheesecake flavor.

Chocolate Pudding Pie with Seed Crust

The best part is there is no need to bake it. Just assemble the parts and put it in the freezer. The avocado hiding out in the chocolate pudding adds a boost of potassium, a rich creaminess, and a smooth texture that makes it taste like custard.


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