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Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

Tasty raw plant-based food crisp and fresh

If you are thinking raw plant-based food is only bowls of grated carrots and apples you will be surprised. Because you can eat much more raw than just salad. Wraps, Ice cream, burgers, cold soups, noodles, and even cakes you can prepare from raw ingredients.

In the time of the vegan trend, raw food, now called “Plant-based Food”, is making a comeback. Many People are more health-conscious and care for the environment and nature, looking to live more naturally.

No wonder that fruit and vegetables have the most attention. And in vegan cuisine, there are the main ingredients and they taste really good when they are crisp and fresh on the table.

The most important is that nothing is heated above 42 degrees. This preserves the shape, color, vitamins, and taste of the ingredients.

Even for non-vegans, raw food is a great trend for the summer. The ingredients of the highest quality are important, mature Fruits and vegetables are best and fresh from the market, cold-pressed oils complete the dishes.

Fear of bloating and abdominal pain should not stop anyone from trying raw plant-based food. Most people can tolerate raw food very well if they chew everything well.

Cooking is for raw plant-based food not excluded as long as it happens without heat. Drying, such as in the Dehydrator, cold-smoking, and sour marinating fermenting are preparation methods of choice.

Especially convenient is that plant-based raw food nourishes the body comprehensively, strengthens the immune system, and regulates digestion. This means that this food is suitable and healthy for  all people – not just vegans or raw foodies

No wonder that raw plant-based food is trendy, fresh raw food dishes are full of vital substances and so tasty and colorful that you will love them. Enjoy the recipes!

Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

Raw Peanut Zoodle Salad

Meet your new favorite way to eat zoodles. Get the recipe from A Saucy Kitchen.

Raw Key Lime Pie Bars

Here’s how to have your pie and your healthy diet, too. Get the recipe from Choosing Chia.

Raw Vegan Tzatziki

You’ll be putting this on everything. Get the recipe from Carrots & Flowers.

Raw Cauliflower Fried Rice

The healthier way to eat your favorite takeout side. Get the recipe from Raw Manda

Raw Cream of Green Soup

Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

Sweet coconut mixes with tangy cilantro and a symphony of vegetables to create this healthy, green treat. Perfect served cold, but if you want a vegan soup for winter, you can heat this a wee bit too. Get the recipe here.

Raw Vegan Burger

Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

The meaty texture and smoky flavour of this burger is thanks to fat, juicy mushrooms (and a bit of liquid smoke). Doll this up with whatever condiments tickle your fancy. Get the recipe here.

Raw Vegan Lasagne

Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

A huge favourite in the raw community, the ‘noodles’ here are finely sliced veggies, whilst the cheese is made with macadamia nuts, and it’s all smothered in a pesto and tomato sauce. Get the recipe here.

Raw Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

Raw Plant-Based Food A Tasty Trend That You Will Love

Cashews and buckwheat form the base of this tasty dessert, then dates, peanut butter, and cacao team together to sweeten things up! Get the recipe here.

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