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Is This The Vegan White Chocolate Cake Of Your Dreams?

Vegan White Chocolate Cake not only for Christmas

A vegan white chocolate cake is for many an irresistible treat. Here we have truly something special. A vegan white chocolate cake that not only looks awesome and beautiful, but it is also healthy and delicious as well.

Something really special and is created with a variety of spices and fruits which makes it, even tastier. A truly rare combination of ingredients.

It will be the dream cake of all your friends and family and this not only at Christmas. The spices used are aromatic and warming, the decoration looks beautiful even if you use different fruits.

Get started and prepare this amazing Vegan White Chocolate Cake for your family and friends.


 by Buffy Gill

White Chocolate Christmas Cake

White Chocolate Christmas Cake. Sounds a little naughty right? But don’t let this sweet-tinged title fool you – this cake is one round (or square if that’s how you roll) specimen of plant-based, whole foods, health-loving goodness. I wanted to make some sort of Christmas cake for another festive do we’ve got this weekend.

This simple recipe combines many of the ingredients you’d expect to see in a traditional Christmas cake, such as raisins, sultanas, dates, currants, almonds, orange juice and rind, lemon rind, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

But I’ve swapped the white flour for a raw nut and coconut blend, the cow’s butter for a dash of coconut oil (although not much is needed to hold this together), and omitted the eggs, glacé cherries, crystallised ginger and sugar completely.

White Chocolate Christmas Cake

I’ve also replaced the retro-70’s glace cherries, mixed peel and crystallized ginger with figs and apricots because they’re some of my favorite dried fruits.

I also went a bit more intense on the vanilla and cinnamon, with a little less emphasis on the ginger/cloves/nutmeg, because I often think the whole mixed spice vibe can overpower regular Christmas cakes. Plus vanilla and cinnamon are just such a lovely combo and make the whole cake much more delicate and light rather than heavy or overly spiced.

With so many delicious and nutrient-packed ingredients, in this case, it was hard to know where to start in terms of talking about their nutritional and health benefits. So I’ve picked a few of my favorites to focus on:

Figs are a delicious fruit, not often available fresh, but plentiful in the dried variety. They are one of the most alkalizing foods available, meaning they lower the acidity in the body which can otherwise harbor diseases such as cancer, autoimmune and heart disease. They’re also brilliant for balancing our otherwise rather acidic diet (meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, refined foods = all highly acidic).

As with all fruits, they make a wonderful substitute for refined sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth and for good quality energy. Dried figs are also very high in fiber, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

If you can get your hands on fresh figs when they’re in season definitely give them a go – they are beautifully soft and sweet, with crunchy seeds in the middle – divine on their own, in a fruit salad, on muesli or porridge, in a rocket/arugula salad with walnuts, or on top of a sweet tart.

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