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Healthy Delicious Millet recipes the old grain that is trendy again.

Millet the trendy ancient grain

Trendy delicious Millet Recipes. Be healthy and beautiful with millet! Whether sweet or savory, millet provides many minerals such as vitamins B and C, fluorine, and iron and is also gluten-free.

Millet is a queen among grains and provides blood-forming iron, 70% complex carbohydrates, and around 10% vegetable protein.
Millet is a gluten-free grain.
In combination with legumes, it forms a biologically complete protein
With millet, you can easily eat healthily

Millet owes its high reputation to valuable ingredients such as protein (up to 15 percent), group B vitamins, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. First and foremost, millet provides a lot of minerals and trace elements.

Fluorine, good for teeth and bones, and blood-forming iron is in abundance in the grain, the amount of high-quality components of which is only surpassed by oats. Also, Millet contains almost as much protein as wheat but has a significant advantage in containing no gluten.

Millets and the environment

Millet has been an indispensable staple food in Asia and Africa for thousands of years. The millet plants have a significant advantage: they are incredibly undemanding, thrive even on poor soil, are protected against drought, and have an abridged growing season.

The tasty yellow pearls of millet are beneficial to health and beauty. It is eaten both sweet and savory. The slightly nutty taste and the tender consistency of the cooked grains are already appealing to small children. A squeeze of lemon juice provides a pleasant aftertaste.

Carrot Cake Millet Breakfast Bars

Carrot cake in the morning? Yes! My Carrot Cake Millet Breakfast Bars are vegan, gluten-free, low fodmap, and only 94 calories per big square. Your morning grab & dash is going to be delicious!

Maple Pecan Millet

The maple pecan combo is classic for a reason and this nutritious-and-delicious millet porridge is always a hit.

Millet Meatballs With Carrot and Onion Sauce

delicious millet recipes

These millet meatballs make such a healthy and satisfying meal. Millet is a gluten-free grain with a ton of health benefits.

Vegan millet sushi with roasted root vegetables and broccoli cream

This millet sushi with roasted root veggies and broccoli cream is really something different. Millet has a very similar texture to rice, but it’s more light and fluffy


It’s very easy to veganize shepherd’s pie using meaty beans in the filling. In this recipe, I’ve used toothsome lentils with a few mushrooms thrown in for good measure. 

Millets and Fenugreek Dosa

Proso Millets Upma

delicious millet recipes

Delicious healthy proso millets upma, can be easily cooked with some veggies added to make a yummy upma .

Vegan Millet Kale Quiches

delicious millet recipes

Vegan millet kale quiches are perfect grab & go mini-meals. Made with chickpea flour, they are gluten-free, high protein & scrumptious!

Millet Khichdi