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The little Currant berries may be sour but also very healthy.

Currants are sour but healthy and a remedy.

You can meet your daily vitamin C requirements with just a handful of Currant fruit. Now is the time to enjoy currants, whether fresh from the bush or in a dessert. At first, you may have to get used to the distinctively sour or tart taste of the small berries.

Image by Gernot from Pixabay

Currants have a high vitamin C content which is good for our immune system. It offers protection against free radicals, activates cell metabolism, protects the mucous membrane, and calms the nerves. 100 g of black fruits contain around 150 mg of vitamin C, 100 g of red fruits around 30 mg, vitamin A is almost four times as much. 

Currants contain valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, pectin, phosphorus, iron, fruit acids, fiber, flavonoids, and phenols. 

They are suitable for iron deficiency and are said to prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks. They are also helpful when it comes to losing weight. 

Furthermore, currants contain essential oil, carbohydrates, and anthocyanins, a coloring agent that activates flavonoids. The black currant berries have a tenfold anthocyanin content, which is why the fruits are so black-purple.

Black currants have a tart aroma; you can boil them and make them into juice, jelly, and jam. Since the vitamin C contained in the fruit is very resistant to heat and oxidation, it is also retained quite well in syrup and jelly.

Wild species have been cultivated and planted in gardens since about the 15th century. Currants belong to the gooseberry family.

Image by Светлана from Pixabay

Currant berries and leaves as a remedy

Currants have been valued and used in folk medicine for a long time. For example, it is described as helpful for fever and stomach problems—a syrup made from red currants and sugar for this.
The currants were also a remedy for heart ailments. They even made wine from currants. The leaves and fruits also have a refreshing, toning, astringent effect.
The black currant was prescribed primarily for gout. And even pain attacks can subside after regular use.

Image by Сергей from Pixabay

Currant tea

You can make tea from fresh or dried currants as a gargle for sore throats.
Pour hot water over 1-2 tablespoons of the fruit and leave to stand for 10 minutes, then strain. The dried currants are more flavorful.

You can use both the fruit and the leaves as tea.
The aromatic, fragrant leaves of the blackcurrant have a diuretic effect. Therefore, they are an essential part of spring cures. In addition, their leaf buds activate the functions of the adrenal glands.

Put 50 g of leaves in 1 liter of boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes and strain. Drink 3 cups of the infusion daily. This tea helps with rheumatic complaints, gout, and diarrhea. It also stimulates metabolism.

Recipes with Currants

Vegan Blackcurrant Muffins

Blackcurrants are in season! These muffins are moist and busting with sour black berries and pine nuts. You might want to add a bit of extra sugar if you are not into too sour desserts. The paprika provides a bit of spice. However, you can choose not to add it if you want a more traditional dessert muffin.



Red currants — one of the berries I get most excited about at the shops in the year (they’re just so gorgeous!), and one of the rarest to find where I live. This delicious vegan and gluten-free red currant pie was one of the many creations from this past summer.

Currant-Lemon Scones

Making these simple scones took me back to those teas… Eating them made me want to through a tea party. 

Healthy Blackcurrant Jam [Vegan]

If you’ve never had blackcurrant before, they have such an interesting flavor that somewhat reminds me of blueberries but is a bit more on the tart side. On top of that, these little blackberries are incredibly good for you, packing an insane amount of vitamin C as well as lots of iron and potassium.

Vegan Blackcurrant Ripple Ice Cream


I’m rather pleased how well this ice cream turned out. I deliberately kept the sugar quantity low as I didn’t want to mask the tartness of the fresh berries.

Vegan Black Currant Jelly


I bought some black currants and some red currants for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I have never had them before, but they looked so lovely in the grocery store, so I decided to give them a try.

Blackcurrant Smoothie Bowl. Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipe.


I got some blackcurrant and cranberry from a gourmet shop. It inspired me to create this delicious, nutritious berry breakfast bowl and this beautiful Autumn composition.

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